What's the colour inside you?

We all have a favourite colour, don't we? But the question is does the colour suit our personality? If you want to know, you just have to try out this simple quiz, and you will get to know iin only a few minutes!!!!

Are you calm? Are you angry? (etc.etc.) This quiz is the perfect one to tell you. You also may get the colour you hate!!!!!!! But anyway, just try this out!!!

Created by: Marina
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You're friend starts crying because someone was mean to her.....
  2. Today's just a bad day for you!!! How do you react?
  3. A day out is...
  4. You are:-
  5. Hey!!!You're little sister gets a candy, and not you!!!
  6. Do you care about your appearance?
  7. What kind of party will you have for your birthday?
  8. Wow!!! You're getting a new backpack! ou will choose
  9. How often do you get angry?
  10. You want an honest answer?

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