Whats Your Personality Colour?

Life colours....They can determine who you are and how you feel. Every person has a life colour. Its a great mystery but sometimes even palm readers used colours to help them determine what the future holds for you, In this quiz you can find out your life colour and see what it has to say about you...

Life colours change from black to red, from green to blue and they each tell a different story. Its amazing but life colours play a big part in the colours you like and dislike. Take the quiz and find ut your life colour.

Created by: jennifer
  1. First Of, What is Your Favorite Colour?
  2. Are you Afraid to meet New People?
  3. If The Cops Pull You Over Whats The First Thing To Cross Your Mind?
  4. You Find Out Your Best Friend Is Stealing Money From You..What Do You Do?
  5. Its Late And Your Neighbors Are Making Noise, So You...
  6. Do You Smoke?
  7. Do You Get Into Trouble Alot?
  8. Global Warming Is...
  9. A world War Has Broken Out.....You.
  10. Life Is....

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Quiz topic: Whats my Personality Colour?