Are you fit to go inside Jandm movie theater?

Jandm movie theater, the best movie theater in the ttown. But we are not just some crazy movie theater, we are a high class movie theater for only few selected peers.

During this quiz you are going to find out if you are the kind of Jandm movie theater material we are looking for in our costumers. So good luck and we hope you enjoyed your stay.

Created by: Jordyn

  1. Do you have any diseased or wild animals with you currently?
  2. Are you currently wearing pants?
  3. Do you have any deadly diseases at the moment?
  4. Have you ever associated with a possum?
  5. Are you planning on giving kisses during this film?
  6. Do you have any electronics with you at the moment?
  7. Do you have any flammable objects stashed in your pants?
  8. Are you an alien?
  9. Is there a possibility you will give birth during the movie?
  10. Is a banana your best friend?

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Quiz topic: Am I fit to go inside Jandm movie theater?