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MUAHAHAHAAA! there was no reason behind this! it was literally just to waist your time! now you must take the quiz! just because i said so! you know you want to!

ding dong. whistle. choo-choo! spider. donkey kong. atom bomb. this is not my puddle. there's an egg plant in your mustache. i am a glass of tea!.....

Created by: Orkimedes

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  1. WARNING: Reading this warning is punishable by law. Any one caught reading this warning will be subject to much laughter.
  2. Come see cupcake. midnight thirty. in the same theatre you're sitting in.
  3. Moo! i'm a spider.
  4. if i told you... i'd have to kill you.
  5. (*-_-)
  6. i'm to lazy to create another question.
  7. This was a triumph
  8. for the good of all of us
  9. oh you touch my tra-la-la
  10. 42

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