The Random Test

Are you ready for the ultimate, super, duper, random randomness of this test! Take this test, take it and we're gonna take this it to the extreme!!!!!

1 thing you wanna know before doing this test. This is extremely random with extremely random questions about extremely random things. Even what you're reading is extremely random!

Created by: Dylan

  1. The first question is easy. What is 5-3?
  2. Can a door close by it's self?
  3. Would you have a 10 year old as a baby-sitter?
  4. How big is 3 feet?
  5. Is this random?
  6. Is a boy the same as a girl?
  7. Which question is this?
  8. Can a ball bounce?
  9. Do balls sag?
  10. Is this the final question?
  11. Am dis make money?

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