Will you wet yourself?

I’m literally so bored and I just made this quiz. I would usually love to do this but for some reason, I was SUPER lazy when I made this. Do you see how?

I’m just putting these paragraphs in here so that this becomes public. I also literally said “I’m” or “I” in every sentence except ‘Do you see how?” Yea lol

Created by: Mallory Moore

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  1. First to start it all, how bad do you have to pee?
  2. Press on your bladder for 5 seconds. What happens?
  3. Tickle your weak spot for 5 seconds then stop. What do you feel?
  4. Now stretch up as much as you can, do squats, and run a little bit but don’t get out of your room/place you are in. What now?
  5. This might be bad, but did you pee yet?
  6. Now, pull down your pants and tickle your bladder. Once you feel pee coming, try to stop it from coming out. Did you hold it?
  7. Take 3 glasses of full water and then wait for 15 minutes. Do you have to pee again?
  8. What are you doing to hold it right now?
  9. Do you think you will make it now?
  10. Now start bouncing all around and start punching your bladder hard. What happened next?

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Quiz topic: Will I wet myself?