Let me tell you guys a lovely story uwu

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Thread Topic: Let me tell you guys a lovely story uwu

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    Once upon a time there was a derp named Eva uwu

    She was the most active user on GTQ and posted in everyone's thread uwu

    She hated to see threads get ignored so she made sure she talked to everyone uwu

    But sadly her threads got ignored and she lost interest in basically everything in existence uwu

    Then one day she got very tired of that s--- uwu

    She decided to coop herself up in a far away land AKA Apartment #71 uwu

    She just got tired of talking to people and trying to get attention with threads and being optimistic uwu

    She just lost interest in everything and decided talking to people is too much work uwu

    One day she thought "zOMG maybe if people want to talk to meee they'll just come to my apartment right?!?-!/!/:!/&/&:@/!/" uwu

    She apologizes for ignoring you all but she also doesn't give a f--- uwu

    You guys know where to find her if you need her the end uwu

    And P.S. She is still the most active user probably tbh uwu
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