random nonsense 2

muahahahaaa!!! this wasnt as random as the first random quiz but i feel it suited my reason for making them. i liked it. so get over it!!! most of it was random movie quotes any way.

you're getting very sleepy. very very sleepy. your eye lids are getting heavy. you will fall asleep by the time i count to 4. 1.....2......3......4.....

Created by: Orkimedes

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  1. hello? where am I?
  2. why do midgets giggle when they run
  3. You are the captian of a Federation star cruiser. You have just recieved a distress signal from a nearby solar system. When you arive you find that there is the star, a solid planetoid, and a gas giant. You scan the planetoid for life but find nothing, how to do you proceed.
  4. do you know the muffin man?
  5. -insert random guitar solo-
  6. vegeta! what does the scouter say about his power level?
  7. My name is Antigo Montoia. You killed my father. prepare to die.
  8. derka derka?
  9. No Luke... I am your father!
  10. the end

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