Do you know Nacho Libre?

Do you think you know Nacho Libre? Well i set up this little test to prove how much you know about it.Hope you do good.Because i know that your gonna need it.

Just to let all of you know that some of the question in this quiz aren't related to anything in the movie so im just giving you the heads up people.And also,i do not own in anyway the movie.

Created by: BMTH

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  1. Who plays Nacho Libre in the movie?
  2. Who is Nacho's friend?
  3. What does Nacho want to be?
  4. What is Nacho's favorite food?
  5. How does Nacho start to make money?
  6. Yep?
  7. Are you bored?
  8. Does Nacho become a wrestler?
  9. Does Nacho make good Nachos?
  10. AHHH!!!

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Quiz topic: Do I know Nacho Libre?