Coming back to reality. -Part 1-

Hey, so I just got this idea while I was twiddling my thumbs in class. :o I hope you all like it. x] I may or may not continue "A Scream In The Dark," But I don't know if many of you care, anyways.

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Created by: Xx 3mo_Star xX
  1. Here I am, sitting across from my mother's deathbed.. *Why did she have to get this stupid cancer, and why didn't the doctors help at all instead of being lazy b----es???!!* These questions were the ones I was asking myself, and everyone for that matter. I'm Saraha Todds, I'm 16, and I live with my Mom, or at least used to, in a little house in the center of Virginia. I'm 5'4" and 90 LBs, I have caramel blond//brown hair that has this interesting white glow around it all the time, but I streaked it rainbow. I have blue and brown eyes but everyone says they look purple or grey, I have a little brother named Christian, who's 5. And a big brother named Logan, who's 17.
  2. "Saraha.." My mother weakly said as I ran to her side. "Yes, Mom?" I replied with tears in my eyes. "Take care of Logan and Chrissy, for me please?" She gasped for breath, as the cancer had moved to her lungs, and I looked at her, sorrow in my eyes. "I will," I gripped her hand and found no comfort as I was sobbing, I could remember my mothers warm breath when she would tell me everything's okay. I calmed myself down a bit until I could no longer bring those memories into my head, and I could not hear her labored breathing. I slowly gasped for breath myself and stared at her in amazement as she struck a small curve upon her lips as she fell into a sleep..A sleep from which she would not awaken.
  3. The doctors rushed into the room. I jacked my cell phone out of my pocket and dialed Logan's number, "Hello?" He asked on the tail of the other line. "Saraha? You ok?!?" he added, "Mom..Mom..She just took her last breath." I closed my eyes and threw my head against the wall, "Oh s---..I'll be there in like, 2 seconds!" and with that, he slammed his phone closed. I walked back into the room and looked at my mom, so peaceful, so content as if she had just been given a miracle. And in one way, she had, God had just lifted her broken soul up into the clouds with him. And she could finally breath as she used to, and be free like a whale in the big blue sea.
  4. I looked down the hallway and saw Logan and Chrissy come up the hallway, but not only them, I could see the shimmering brown hair of my best friend. I ran down to the bunch of three and almost strangle hugged them. "Thank god you all came!" I said and stared at my friend, Dakota. "Thank you for coming," I added and hugged him once more. "Anything for my best friend in the world." He said and struck a grin on his face that made me melt from the inside, I smiled back. "Well..I'm tired, I'm going to go home now," and with that I walked out of the god forbidden hospital.
  5. I walked down the dirt road, and headed into the forest. "s--- its dark out here.." I mumbled as I heard something shake some trees. *Just my imagination..* I thought. I peeked over to my side and saw glowing golden eyes. I shook it off, probably just stalkers. I shuffled along the snowy pathway into the, what would seem, thicker woods. Now I could hear growling and low howls. I started picking up the pace as I could hear footsteps and mumbling behind me. I turned around, and glared at the frosty December air. Finally I could feel the warm breaths of someone..Or something.
  6. I quickly turned around, only to see nothing once again. I started running, running faster and faster on the path. I jerked my head to the side to see if this 'Nothing' had caught up with me, or made itself visible. Nope. Just as I turned my head back around to the front, I slipped on a rock and fell in the ice and snow. Suddenly I felt a great weight attack me. *WHAT IS THIS?!* I screamed in my mind, only to get shot back with 'Ssshhs' and 'Hushes.'
  7. I blinked my eyes open, and looked around me. I could see snow and ice around me, but I didn't feel cold. I felt as if I was wrapped in warmth, not just warmth.. Body heat. I sat up, only to be pulled back down. *What the f---..* I thought, and turned around. Only to see the nothingness again. *Gahhh!* I thought.
  8. Welp, that's all. ^x^
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