Hey look, a random message has appeared.

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Thread Topic: Hey look, a random message has appeared.

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    Orkimedes Advanced
    I have been resurrected after nearly a month of silence to remind you all that your life is no more significant than the lives of any of the countless thousands of people you meet on a daily basis. You are all a clone of the same pop culture stigmas, regurgitated over and over again until all that remains is what you think makes you unique and "random" but what has been said a thousand ways, in a thousand voices all with the same underlying monotonous message of "I can't come up with my own personality."

    My name is Orkimedes. I am also known as Barberbob2. And I'm here to say I hate all of you; and just like your parents, I'm disappointed in the people you're growing up to be.

    Go f--- yourselves.
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    1714 Advanced
    what a beautiful person
    oH YES

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