How Much Have You Changed?

Over the years, people change. Whether you want to believe it or not, we go through changes. We find different outlooks, styles and sometimes we may even change our personality, or maturity level. We change.

Over the year, how much have you changed? Are you a completely new person, or are you the same as you were last year? Find out here and see how much you have changed.

Created by: tomboykaitie
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  1. Compare this year and last year.
  2. This year, you have different friends.
  3. You have different enemies.
  4. You look different clothing-wise.
  5. Your face or body looks different
  6. You gained or lost weight.
  7. You have different views on religion.
  8. You have different views on your family.
  9. You have different views on yourself.
  10. You have different politicial views.
  11. You moved, or live somewhere different than you did a year ago.
  12. You are richer or poorer, than you were a year ago.
  13. You have a different outlook on life.
  14. You are experiencing new emotions.
  15. You are inspiried by new or more things now.
  16. You have a different crush.
  17. You are dating someone new.
  18. You are more booksmart.
  19. You are more streetsmart.
  20. You like to eat or drink new things now.
  21. You got a job or lost a job. Or you went to a new school or began homeschooling.
  22. You feel like you have changed a lot.

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