Which way of socialising best fits you

This is the 21st Century, the time of Computers. Computers have changed everything the way we do schooling, or manage a business, or the amount of paper and electricity we waste. Computers have also changed the way we socialise with innovations like email and chat inerfaces.

How much has computers affected the way you socialise? This quiz will show how you socialise and the general idea that gives of your personality. So take quiz to find if you talk FACE TO FACE, you CHAT with others or you like to use the TELEPHONE to socialise.

Created by: Malavika

  1. How expressive are you
  2. How long do you use the computer for
  3. If you do chat, do you use smileys
  4. How hard is it for you to speak infront of a audience/class.
  5. Do you always say/ write about/ type about the way you feel exactly
  6. Do you go outside a lot?
  7. Do you tell your friends your opinions frankly even if it might hurt them?
  8. Which way of socialising do you think best fits you
  9. Do you like to talk to strangers
  10. Do you use smileys when writing you name out. for eg. Hannah :D

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