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  • Oh yeah and my teeth are naturally straight and I never had or will have braces and they are white only because I brush them

    Guess_Who_Its_Me Aug 9 '11, 12:36PM
  • Ok, I've got long, light, shiny brown hair, light brown eyes, a natural tan (I'm Filipino), full, good sized lips, and I'm 5"1 but I'm only 12, and I'm like 114 lbs.

    Guess_Who_Its_Me Aug 9 '11, 12:34PM
  • *smallish
    Also I LOVE to draw and sing

    MissRussia Jul 30 '11, 3:27AM
  • haha I'll describe myself too!
    5'7/5'8 skinny, black, dark brown, brown,auburn, strawberry red hair(in that order 'cuz hair is naturally colorful!)
    dark brown eyes that are a little covered with my awesome bangs! smalliah, but pretty nose, porcelain skin(but tans easily), kind,but mysterious, smarty-pants, hair mid-back, but wanting waist length

    MissRussia Jul 30 '11, 3:25AM
  • hmmm, okay since so many people are describing themselves i'll go next, i've got silky straight brown hair(i straighten it), beautiful bright green eyes(so i've been told), a light tan , i'm curvy, small waist, 5"5 , i'm random, caring... a few ppl hate me cuz my stupid ex best friend >:(, and i have braces(1 more year til there off), and a nice person most of the time oh and i sing, write songs and play guitar and draw XD

    manders Jul 22 '11, 4:16PM
  • aww!! thanx , i'm pretty so sweet i gives you an awesome smiley face XD.... enjoy

    manders Jul 22 '11, 4:08PM
  • yuppy i got pretty

    jojoOoO Jul 22 '11, 4:37AM
  • I got pretty, but I'm not sure....can someone please tell me if I am

    I'm 14 almost 15 and pretty tall but not too tall. I've got teal looking eyes (they're blue but they look more like turqiouse or teal) and for make up I only wear eyeliner (inside) mascara, and lipgloss. I don't need powder or foundation because I have clear skin. I do have freckles but they're light because I got them when I was on vacation for a like a whole week in the sun. I have blonde hair with brown low lights. I'm a surf model for Ron Jons surf shop and probably more in the future. Am I pretty?

    lilprincessemi Jul 21 '11, 8:19PM
  • I GOT PRETTY YAY!!!!! sorry for the people who got ugly and normal X[ but i got PRETTY

    xKitKatx Jul 17 '11, 2:50PM
  • the result sed im preatty i think im ugly but ok

    i_love_me Jul 14 '11, 10:18PM
  • Judging somebody is they have straight hair or are under 120 pounds as being "pretty" should only relay to jr. high or under. You should label this test for those 25 and under, because metabolism, as well as hair texture/climate changes, you dimwit. You also didn't take into account height (related to bone density = related to weight) complexion, nose width/length, jawline width (the bigger the more masculine) as these will play a part in your development towards college years and beyond and beyond.

    Also, some of the most beautiful women in the world don't get asked out often simply because of basket cases's (like yourself) fear of rejection, and/or the way the woman carries herself/dresses/alo ofness/stranger in a strange town, racism, etc.

    drooga Jul 9 '11, 7:53PM
  • I was pretty. That's what all the tests say. I'm short and slim with waist length light blonde hair and lovely hazel eyes. I'm a little on the vampire-white side, but im decently pretty.

    AMELIAPONES Jul 8 '11, 12:46PM
  • I got pretty... I guess I'm pretty. I have naturally straight, black, waist length hair and gray eyes. I'm not one to talk much I am really shy and sometimes I stutter :( I got voted as kindest girl in school though :)

    MaknCheese Jun 18 '11, 11:11PM
  • normal xx

    Skittles Jun 17 '11, 5:18PM
  • I am pretty!!!! Yayy!

    Lucylu Jun 6 '11, 2:32AM
  • am i pretty? normal? ugly?
    Your Result: your pretty!

    congratulations! Your gorgeous. You don't have to change yourself. Just be yourself and have fun with it. after all your young and beautiful! So once again congratulations on getting a great score!

    rockinchick May 5 '11, 6:23PM
  • im pretty 2..... anhy desent looking girls?

    damian May 5 '11, 12:25PM
  • yayy; Your Result: your normal!

    way to go! so your not the gorgeous amazing perfect person. so what? your still hot, cute, and can get any guy you want! congratulations on getting a good score! Don't change yourself cause you don't have to! your almost PERFECT so give up the make-up and let the guys flirt. and trust me. their flirting.

    except i only wear eye-makeup so.... xx

    Skittles Apr 30 '11, 10:21AM
  • im pretty!!!!!!

    fufe123 Apr 26 '11, 7:21PM
  • I a normal. :(.

    Starwars lover Apr 25 '11, 7:47PM
  • I'm normal. :D

    MsKitty416 Apr 11 '11, 6:16PM
  • Ok i am closer to pretty than to any other so yeah... good for me... + i love the quiz

    Yocelin Mar 5 '11, 8:42PM

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