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  • ahah im pretty :D d:

    Mercii Dec 30 '11, 8:21PM
  • yayyyyy im pretty ;p thank you quiz person you r problay pretty tooooo ;p

    zebrasxo Dec 29 '11, 7:54PM
  • yayy i am pretty :) thx quiz person!

    crazygal Dec 28 '11, 2:16AM
  • Yay I'm p-r-e-t-t-y!! So heres a cheer to my friend who thinks im ugly and shes all that!! U-G-L-Y ya ain't got no albi, ya ugly yeah, yeah, ya ugly!! 2-4-6-8 who's the girl I luv to hate- ------!! Take that!! Hah!!

    Yagottaluvme Dec 22 '11, 12:39AM
  • Normal and proud to be :D

    CupcakeRice Dec 21 '11, 8:06PM
  • I got pretty yaya

    narhacutie Dec 9 '11, 7:36AM
  • all guys tell me im pretty when im on my knees 4 them and even this quiz says so:)

    Eve_Mae Nov 26 '11, 2:25PM
  • all i wear 4 makeup is eyeliner on the bottum so ok. YAY-A

    I_Love_Jacob Nov 26 '11, 12:20PM
  • haha im pretty yay-a!! and ima little punk, rocker, sk8r type but guess wat!! im STILL pretty. YAY!! all the little punk rocker sk8r boys think so to LOLZ

    I_Love_Jacob Nov 26 '11, 12:19PM
  • now my hair is auburn like and i vary between straight and curly w/ bangs XD

    manders Nov 24 '11, 9:50PM
  • way to go! so your not the gorgeous amazing perfect person. so what? your still hot, cute, and can get any guy you want! congratulations on getting a good score! Don't change yourself cause you don't have to! your almost PERFECT so give up the make-up and let the guys flirt. and trust me. their flirting.

    haha yay!! ^_^

    Applez123 Nov 24 '11, 1:19PM
  • yayyyy im that a good thing?

    liltootles Nov 12 '11, 10:48PM

    olivia_grace12 Nov 12 '11, 8:02PM
  • yey!! it said im pretty nd i believe it cuz evry1n tells me:p

    Christine Marie Oct 24 '11, 10:23PM
  • I got normal. That's cool. Nice quiz. :)

    Letmehaveone Oct 2 '11, 4:48PM
  • btw peeps, u gotta check out this quiz!
    vampire werewolf or human? by Shauna

    shaunaluvspie Sep 17 '11, 9:50AM
  • i'm normal:) yay i guess

    shaunaluvspie Sep 17 '11, 9:46AM
  • yay... i'm pretty.. i'm happy =)

    lol0lol Sep 12 '11, 9:05PM
  • i could like and say i got pretty but i wont
    i got normal
    then pretty right behind it
    then last was okay
    pretty good quiz

    try out these quizzes
    (are you a af hollister or aero girl)
    (what time of shoe suits you)
    (what kind of fruit are you)... am i a kiwi

    foreverfab1892 Sep 3 '11, 5:14PM
  • i got pretty

    vampiregrl Aug 24 '11, 8:04PM
  • I am normal:)

    adnin617 Aug 16 '11, 7:01PM
  • I got pretty and u know it

    narhacutie Aug 16 '11, 11:45AM

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