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  • :(

  • Your Result: You're normal! 92%

    Way to go! So your not the gorgeous amazing perfect person. So what? You're still hot, cute, and can get any guy you want! Congratulations on getting a good score! Don't change yourself cause you don't have to! Your almost PERFECT so give up the make-up and let the guys flirt. And trust me. They're flirting.

    I'm just not sure how I feel about this. I thought I was going to get ugly for sure lol.

  • I got normal but I don't think so... only one guy has asked me out and I'm nearly 16!!! but I like all the guys who are wayyyyyyy out of my league

    Maddie Jane
  • This is wut it said:am i pretty? normal? ugly?Your Result: You're pretty! 92% Congratulations! You're gorgeous. You don't have to change yourself. Just be yourself and have fun with it. After all you're young and beautiful! So once again congratulations on getting a great score!

  • Hey me again!

  • Oh and also im skinny.

  • Ok so, I got pretty. Im blonde, I have green eyes, And I have like 90 friends I think I'm pretty, But im kinda mean. Im working on it and I know ur bootiful! Dont let your thoughts control u!

  • im normal...

  • this was a awesome test

  • im nrmal but i agree with drooga about evrything espacly about not juging people be nice and thxs :)

  • Lol I got pretty for the results? I wasn't expecting that. I thought I am average. :0

  • Pretty? Thank u

  • I got I am beautiful, but I dont think that its true. I answered truthfully, Ill describe myself too. Well Im 13 and a half I have tail bone length dirty blond blond hair with honey blond highlights thats almost stick straight except for a few pieces of baby fine hairIm a goldenish tan Im prob about 55 56 Im really skinny but not too skinny. Medium brown golden brown eyes I have braces but my teeth are mostly straight and white. My face is clear for the most part but I do breakout kinda often if I dont wash my face twice a day. And I dont really have that much going on upstairs if you know what I mean I do have a little bit tho. The other am I pretty websites told me Im about average but still pretty. So am I pretty. I have a boy at school that I really like but idk if he likes me back

  • im tall for my age
    weigh over a 100 lbs
    shoulder legnth black hair

    brown eyes that sometimes are yellow or rddish brownish

    skinny waist
    wide hips
    am i pretty

  • ok my turn to describe myself im tall but not to tall i have strait black hair a little over my elbows i have brown eyes and im pretty skinny i am 106 pounds.

  • i got okay, but i doubt it. I'm just ugly.
    5'4, 15 yrs old, 126.7 lbs.

    medium length light red hair, and apparently my friends say i have a couple blonde hairs, and a couple dark hairs.

    dark blue eyes
    i have a few curves, but i sag.

    i wear invisible mascara, and sometimes a little bit of sparkly blush.

    no one asks me out, no one likes me, and there was only one person who told me i was decent looking not related to me, but that was my psychotic liar ex friend, so i dont believe her.

  • hey everyone was born as a beauty or handsome!

    boss baby
  • I'm just a plain old normal girl who is weird and isn't normal at all and isn't acting like a girl

  • I think that you shouldnt say if someone is pretty by being skinny, but I do think that if someone got a high score it will make people fell good about themselves.But it doesnt matter if you got a bad score because you know what it is just a device saying an opinion, and it is a opinion so other people think differently.

    Do not let this test bring you down.Just remember that you are beautiful just the way you are,and dont let this test think that you are something that you are not.

    Lily the great
  • Yaaaaaaaaa!I got 92%!

  • I’m 80% and people say I’m ugly plus if I was gorgeous people would be asking me out but NOPE know one has asked me out I have dated about like 5 guys and that’s it and I’m in middle school 7th grade 12 years old

  • I feel horrible!!!! I’m not gorgeous or anything...

    what a waste of life I am. No wonder no one likes me or wants to ask me out!!!!!!!!!!

    Elissa meney
  • i got a 95%. :/ eh whateva.

    anima vestra
  • I got 86% 🤨 even though my crush has called me ugly to my face... and literally no one that is my type is interested in me at all

  • HUUUH?! I GOT 92%?!


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