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  • Hey guys well i have to tell all you girls something well i had to say you all are pretty no matter what the test gives you so don't lose sight of what really is import

    Coldfeet52 Jun 16 '18, 8:26AM
  • 89% pretty ................... ......

    ya i think its cool i guess

    madameXYZ May 18 '18, 7:36AM
  • I’m normal by 89% but pretty by 87% there was 2 percentages in it maybe I’m just above average but not pretty pretty?💖

    Graverkrkdjd Apr 6 '18, 11:33AM
  • 100 % PRETTY!!!

    AyaAbbas13 Mar 18 '18, 9:04AM
  • Your Result: You're pretty!

    Congratulati ons! You're gorgeous. You don't have to change yourself. Just be yourself and have fun with it. After all you're young and beautiful! So once again congratulations on getting a great

    fybkuhhs Feb 9 '18, 7:45PM
  • I'm normal apparently.

    Well at least it didn't say I'm hideous

    SilverOwl125 Feb 22 '17, 12:48AM
  • 84% pretty... Yay, I guess?

    Thunder_Claw Jan 22 '17, 2:14PM
  • OMG!

    IM NORMAL!!!!!!!!!! :D

    Eat Potatoes Sep 9 '16, 11:55PM
  • 84% pretty
    83% normal
    25% ugly

    Smileylover10 Jul 15 '16, 1:12AM
  • 92%. I'm still ugly though.

    Puppylover64 May 28 '16, 2:36PM
  • 70% pretty
    33% ugly
    Dat bad?

    Saara May 15 '16, 5:23AM
  • I got 84%
    But YOU'RE WRONG!!!

    Ersatz May 9 '16, 11:01AM
  • love it

    lauren04 Apr 30 '16, 9:36PM
  • I'm sorry, but you need to fix your grammar. This is impossible to take! I'm sure you're a great girl, but this quiz made me feel ugly.
    Every single person is beautiful, and it can never be turned into a percent. No, I'm not "stick thin." I'm "a little chubby," as you would say; however, I am beautiful.

    dianaperrigrine Apr 16 '16, 6:37PM
  • normal 80percent haha im not normal lol

    gothicsuzanna Mar 22 '16, 2:55PM
  • Wow, it said I am 99%gorgeous,95% normal and 0% ugly.

    Teena Mar 18 '16, 5:06AM
  • Is it weird that I feel sexy now

    neil82868 Mar 17 '16, 10:17PM
  • :) it said I'm gorgeous. But everyone thinks I'm ugly >:( I am very skinny

    User Jan 28 '16, 4:32AM
  • I got pretty 80% but who cares I don't but I'm in love

    cleveland yeay Jan 12 '16, 6:11PM
  • i got pretty. 100%

    kenziisthename Jan 5 '16, 11:47PM
  • I got pretty

    ayannaisbae03 Jan 1 '16, 10:54PM
  • Ha-ha at least I'm not ugly like Amanda todd was!!!!! Lol bad quiz but at least you know I'm hot!

    BakaQuxxn Oct 20 '15, 5:33PM

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