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  • But normal still works sometimes

    diva721 Mar 20 '13, 2:46PM
  • Normal I am norrmal if u saw me you wud think of me above pretty

    diva721 Mar 20 '13, 2:45PM
  • Apparently, i'm normal. that's good enough for me.

    vampire_red Mar 15 '13, 5:26AM
  • 2 tell u the truth, it doesn't actually work, for me anyway. i just copied and pasted it, just 2 see if it works.

    vampire_red Mar 15 '13, 5:24AM
  • in my view i think all girls are pretty no matter what people think and i dont think we should give a crap what others think of us we are girls lets stand up for our selves and show the world what beauty really is who's with me lol

    Lexi h20 Mar 11 '13, 1:49PM
  • lolz i gotz normalz

    TrisEaton Mar 3 '13, 11:49AM
  • Okay, I haven't dated anyone ever, but I DO know that not all guys are only attracted to "wicked skinny" girls.

    ICEE CHILL Jan 27 '13, 10:33PM
  • uh so "wicked skinny" makes you more pretty? wth?

    AlexTheCat Jan 20 '13, 7:44PM
  • cool!

    bugg98 Jan 3 '13, 11:16PM
  • cool

    angels_hell Jan 3 '13, 2:37PM
  • also pretty lady97...your 'pone number was kinda random...people can stalk you like that...just a good person...ok

    XXBunnyXX Jan 3 '13, 3:44AM
  • 99% pretty...its not like i didnt already know...i get compliments every day...24/7....thanx z yoooz

    XXBunnyXX Jan 3 '13, 3:41AM
  • am i pretty? normal? ugly?
    ur results:ur pretty, yes i knew i was going to be pretty because im pretty in real life no matter what other people say about u because ur what u think u are snd quizzes are real that is online their just for fun and if u want to talk to me my name is jaydiah and my pone number is 919-492-9505 love u guys

    pretty lady97 Jan 1 '13, 10:24AM
  • so im ugly????????waaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! everyone in da whole 5th grade calles me fat,ugly,stupid,stp ida,and untalented when i am a great manga artist,and i have only onr friend and he's my bigest crush! i only weigh 185 pounds,and i have athsberger syndrome(i hav troble making friends)!!!!!!!!!!!

    Staraline Dec 27 '12, 7:45PM
  • Haha I got pretty. aspen_emerald, that's really sweet. Now I truly feel gorgeous!

    GrayArtist Dec 24 '12, 8:26PM
  • I dont were make up.

    SugerCube Nov 21 '12, 11:12AM
  • i died like 1000 times now because of that.. LOL
    i am ugly...
    i don't care i answered truthfully and actually wanted to get this so that i can tell all of you that you are all beautiful i know that because god made you all that way and it doesn't matter what people think... if they say something mean like your stupid! nobody cares about you! your fat! just remember that there is a god who loves you and thinks you all are beautiful and cares for you.. so don't look at someones appearance and look within yourself because that is what matters most! :3 and if god thinks you all are beautiful then so do i!

    aspen_emerald Nov 15 '12, 8:16PM
  • hey gonewiththewing! sometimes quiz's are wrong, they say quiz's proof is true but someday you look in the mirrior and your pretty/handsome. I GOT NORMAL! I HEHA DONT NEED MAKEUP!

    mochalatte Nov 11 '12, 6:59PM
  • am i pretty? normal? ugly?
    Your Result: your okay

    although you may not be the hottie in your group your personality brings life to every conversation. And that guy you've been crushing on might just be looking. Don't worry your far from ugly. So stop putting on tons of make-up and go live life.

    If u say so...:(

    girlgirlgirl Oct 28 '12, 11:38AM
  • Heyy I'm pretty like that's true

    Isis tanner Oct 5 '12, 4:57PM
  • normal...hmm, i think this quiz isn't very accurate. And taking these kinda quizzes is like someone said it in ur face in real life...:P

    VIPYasmin Oct 2 '12, 3:19AM
  • LOL, I'm gorgeous! xD (self-esteem boosting o_O)

    Vocaloid Sep 14 '12, 9:02PM

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