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  • well yeah I'm normal why not .. I'm a normal guy ...

    emo1234 Jul 31 '10, 8:34PM
  • woah! like mega selfestem boost! im normal,my parents say i dont act normal, they say they worry about me umm... at least i look good! :D(akward...)

    Liz456 Jul 15 '10, 9:05PM
  • Yay! i'm pretty!

    doglover374 Jul 1 '10, 9:07PM
  • i like the line at the end of the description it says "and let the guys flirt. and trust me. they're flirting". OH YES THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's awesome I love my life!!!!!!!

    coolme3 Jun 12 '10, 10:48PM
  • i believe it is mean to stereotype certain physical traits with beauty. overweightness does not stop prettiness, neither does being asked out, or your hair or anthing. i have straight blond hair, perfect weight and in good shape and i got 80% pretty, but i am a nice person who does not believe in stupid quizzes.

    yellow Jun 12 '10, 3:05AM
  • hey thanx for having a quiz like that.uhm,having a result that I'm pretty is so way unbelievable.I never saw myself in that description,but one of my friends said i was pretty so i guess i just have to take it in.=)

    memphis Jun 4 '10, 4:16AM
  • I am pretty, i have been asked out three times by guys I dont even know..two at prom and they wanted my number lol. All my friends say I look like model, my family says so to, its cuz I am like 6 kidding I am tallest girl in my class.

    Yusei Fudo Jun 3 '10, 9:44PM
  • hhmmm... idk i got normal n tht i can get any guy tht i wnt but i dont think so my bf matt says tht im sexy n hot all the time but i think he just b playin me for sex anyway idk y im even babblin sorry guys!

    kittysfriend Jun 1 '10, 12:49AM
  • this quiz is so freikin wrong it is stupid

    LiZzArD May 28 '10, 5:13PM
  • that was stupid man even though they said i was good looking!lol

    bieberfever4ever May 24 '10, 2:49PM
  • whoever says they are ugly or not as pretty as me, i am sure you guys are lieng. Even if you're not beautiful just forget it and believe in yourself.

    hania May 24 '10, 8:33AM
  • normal. ya. thats tru. but i cant get guys as well as they say i can :( :( *tear, tear*

    tomboy9876 May 21 '10, 10:51PM
  • am i pretty? normal? ugly?
    Your Result: your pretty!

    congratulations ! Your gorgeous. You don't have to change yourself. Just be yourself and have fun with it. after all your young and beautiful! So once again congratulations on getting a great score!


    sasuke Amaterasu May 14 '10, 12:04AM
  • i got pretty... i think i am ugly but other people say i am pretty

    crazy person May 10 '10, 7:45PM
  • I gt Normal!my BF says i'm hot my mum says i'm cute & my m8s say i'm buffting lolz but i honestly don't think i am!!!
    But anywaiisz idc!
    so long as thinks i look hot that's good enough for me!

    sweetheart_zee96 May 9 '10, 2:05PM
  • yay i pretty :) by the way this test was kinda boring....

    woffie May 7 '10, 5:53PM
  • normal

    Parham6 May 4 '10, 8:42AM
  • I got preeeeety!

    superstar19JT Apr 23 '10, 8:09PM
  • I am sooooooo PRETTTTTTTTTYYY!!!

    Caitlyn Apr 22 '10, 7:04PM
  • These quizzes are true, or well I know this one is Lmao.

    sms21 Apr 16 '10, 10:23AM
  • I mean I'm sure they're not!

    doglover374 Mar 12 '10, 4:50PM
  • Yay! I'm gorgeous! And every1 who commented that they're ugly, I'm sure they're ont!

    doglover374 Mar 12 '10, 4:48PM

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