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  • Cool quiz

    Pretender Mar 4 '11, 9:06PM
  • yay, im pretty!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDD , all my frends call me that......i guess its true now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    loveneedsfaith Feb 25 '11, 6:49PM
  • thanz for the comment wish it was true lol!! jk

    kelbylover Feb 11 '11, 8:55AM
  • Oh noez! I got normal! (to me, normal is an insult) It says I can get any guy I want... Not true... Russia-san~ -_-

    I Be Kitteh Jan 22 '11, 11:53AM
  • yay! i got pretty! i guess my boyfriend was right:) i love you babe!

    silly1nikki Jan 21 '11, 8:49PM
  • um actually 7/10 'cause I've tried all the results and she's supportive

    Ricky35 Jan 13 '11, 4:00PM
  • Are u kidding me?! "Do I wear make up? I'm a boy and this quiz is for girls, unless you're gay or dark. And anyway i'm happy to be normal. 6/10

    Ricky35 Jan 13 '11, 3:58PM
  • Normal... =)

    smartgirl115 Jan 10 '11, 10:52PM
  • how could u make this quiz?
    if someone reckons they are ugly, they will press all the bad answers, then the result 'your ugly' pops up.
    umm yeah, they get low self esteem, bam, they kill themselves? ALL BECOS OF YOU STUPID QUIZ.

    ChelsieHx Dec 29 '10, 5:52AM
  • wow im 90% pretty. not surprised i only had 1 boy friend .yea i know .but a lot of boys like me but there to scared to admitted it .some of then are really cute.anyway i love this quiz .only because they put as pretty!!!!!!!!!!

    adrianna Dec 21 '10, 5:20PM
  • i got pretty thats a real confidence booster :D

    mes13 Dec 12 '10, 7:05PM
  • I am normal. I give this 6/10.

    aaeno Dec 11 '10, 9:38AM
  • it pretty much said im beautiful but sometimes of course i still doubt it very much and only at times i truly feel pretty. my husband and family and friends and even acquaintances call me beautiful but it doesnt mean i believe them LOL XD...but perhaps i should?...

    marriedmysm123 Oct 21 '10, 4:05AM
  • im pretty yeah lol i feel special hey u guys should check this quiz im new and i tried it out and i feel awesome really its called which charmed girl are you or something like that check it out peepz

    zzkandrecheck Oct 14 '10, 1:51PM
  • I got "your normal!" :) Way to go.....

    tyn10 Oct 1 '10, 2:28PM
  • same here datperson

    jdblover Sep 26 '10, 11:24PM
  • they said im pretty so i guess ia m but i still doubt it but im really downer on myself so i dont know

    datperson Sep 21 '10, 12:08AM
  • and whats with the stupid chan message comments??? ( thts not ur fault)

    layla10122 Sep 2 '10, 8:25AM
  • wtf this quizz is not right atall, i mean someone culd be realy pretty but cos of low self esteem may just click 'ugly face, ugly everything!'. and someone culd be skinny, but click 'fat' cos he/she might be anorexic!?! wht do u thunk the results gonna be 4 them and how is hat gonna make them feel? ive been down that road b4..

    layla10122 Sep 2 '10, 8:24AM
  • This test is weird...

    madicola Aug 8 '10, 9:34AM
  • If anyone sees slim t tell him I'm sorry

    sksk123 Aug 6 '10, 4:26PM
  • Good quiz but I noticed that I got normal but then just cuz i went back and changed the last answer "are you kind?" from yes to ew no kindness is 4 freaks then it said i was pretty.

    doglover374 Aug 4 '10, 12:40PM

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