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  • Poem
    "White moon rises into the starry night; Children are shielded in its bright whtie light; The stars shine brightly as Artemis r"
  • "I've decided to write a book about this girl named Boo, and post some of her blogs online. I want some people to actually come to my site an..."
  • favorite tv show
    "LOVE CSI: New York and Vampire Diaries. I never miss an episode."
  • "I HATE all commercials. they interupt my TV time. Especially last night during CSI: New York."
  • Vampire Diaries
    "Is the Vampire Diaries show/book better than Twilight, or is is switched? I'm just curious, because LJ smith (Writer of the Vampire Dairies)..."
  • "Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana, Robert Pattinson, Billy Ray Cyrus, Taylor Lautner, i can stand Kristen Stewart, but only for a l..."
  • Favorite Holiday Movie?
    "My fav movie has to be either Polar Express or Jack Frost. Depends on my mood."
  • A little advice, please.
    "There's this guy at school woh acts like he really likes me, but when I'm around him, he acts different, almost mean. What should I do?"
  • Strangest Song Ever
    "the weirdest song to me has to be "Hotel California." It gets on my nerves."

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