The InuYasha quiz

I love InuYasha and rant about it a lot. Sometimes people listen, sometimes they don't, and sometimes, I get them hooked. If you've been watching the show, or have ever heard me, go ahead and take the quiz.

How well do YOU know your InuYasha? How much have you watched it or listened to me? Take this quiz to tell you how proud I am of your InuYasha knowledge. Find out NOW!

Created by: Lizzie
  1. What color is InuYasha's outfit?
  2. Who else besides InuYasha is in love with Kagome?
  3. What is Miroku, other than a perv?
  4. Shippo is a ___ demon.
  5. What's Sango's little brother's name?
  6. What does the term "miko" mean?
  7. Who is Kagome the reincarnation of?
  8. What word makes InuYasha go face-first in the dirt?
  9. Who is Eri, Ayumi, and Yuka?
  10. What's the name of the first theme song on InuYasha?

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