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  • I got pretty 80% but who cares I don't but I'm in love

    cleveland yeay Jan 12 '16, 6:11PM
  • i got pretty. 100%

    kenziisthename Jan 5 '16, 11:47PM
  • I got pretty

    ayannaisbae03 Jan 1 '16, 10:54PM
  • Ha-ha at least I'm not ugly like Amanda todd was!!!!! Lol bad quiz but at least you know I'm hot!

    BakaQuxxn Oct 20 '15, 5:33PM
  • pretty and im glad but if i wasnt i wouldnt care i haveva good life and friends

    coolness Jul 20 '15, 5:20PM
  • I got like normal im happy you the person who wrote this is amazing! im nine years old and one time i think i got asked out from these weird really funny guy! im to young though. and some weird guy is flirting on me awesome! and another one the first gu flirting on me is his cousin i hate the cousin! he sits at my desk at school and he rips everything! want time i cried because he kept on ripping my stuff! even my work! like what the crap is wrong with him! and if he asks me out one day im gonna be like " save that drama for your mama and suck it up!" BTW I LOVED YOUR QUIZ! =)

    sophieisaunicorn Apr 26 '15, 7:41PM
  • that was a good quiz I like it allot! 85% normal!

    BaNaNa BaNaNa Mar 25 '15, 2:27PM
  • that was a good quiz I like it allot!

    BaNaNa BaNaNa Mar 25 '15, 2:23PM
  • I only got a low score because no one has asked me out. I am too young!!!

    taryn8sy Jan 18 '15, 12:34AM
  • yeah baby.....90%!!
    awesome quiz buddy.

    sara roy Jan 9 '15, 3:23PM
  • yay im gorgeous, totally boosted my self esteem :)

    ilove rhianna Jan 4 '15, 10:03AM
  • am i pretty? normal? ugly?
    Your Result: your pretty!

    handeris Jan 2 '15, 4:21PM

    sophialiberty Dec 16 '14, 8:17PM
  • i am pretty ya

    carleypaschal12 Nov 18 '14, 1:05PM
  • I'm pretty, wow good quiz. Increased self esteem :) Although I didn't get the last question, Kindness?... Well np I'm toooo kind

    Jenny101 Nov 6 '14, 10:46AM
  • I got normal...luved d quiz..boosted my self esteem ;)

    harrys babe Oct 21 '14, 11:18AM
  • Normal im ugly just plain ugly

    Shootme Oct 5 '14, 9:12PM
  • Normal

    Whitehorse2001 Sep 18 '14, 9:16PM
  • I got normal

    Whitehorse2001 Sep 18 '14, 9:15PM
  • :)(

    miss berry rose Aug 2 '14, 2:45PM
  • im miss berry rose

    miss berry rose Aug 2 '14, 2:42PM
  • im miss berry rose

    miss berry rose Aug 2 '14, 2:41PM

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