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  • musician anime nerd

    rinachi Jul 26 '14, 6:02PM
  • I got science/math nerd :) I'm in love with math, dunno why I like it but I do

    McChickenNugget Jul 21 '14, 7:22AM
  • The other nerd types i got are gamer and art even though i am more a gamer and art person than a f---ing drama person.

    Daniel666 Jul 15 '14, 6:34PM
  • I'm a social the gamer

    GeorgiaMeow Jul 11 '14, 9:43PM
  • Or social, that's probably most likely

    BloodyDoll Jul 11 '14, 7:43PM
  • Science/math?! Okay so anything science-related interests me, but I get bored after awhile. I thought I would be more literature, artistic or anime ... but I guess this as an extra is awesome!

    BloodyDoll Jul 11 '14, 7:41PM
  • oh an dby the way i am more of a artistic nerd cause i am the best in the class *says everyone in my class* #selfie
    loveyou123 @outloo

    loveyou123 Jun 30 '14, 4:02PM
  • unfamoussinger you are very smart if you can do all that a+ and sickness im in 5th grade and i am the 2nd smartest in my class the 1st is a girl called dakota!

    loveyou123 Jun 30 '14, 3:59PM
  • im 84% drama nerd lol

    loveyou123 Jun 30 '14, 3:57PM
  • I am like an everything nerd. I know a lot about sickness and thing so when someone gets hurt at the park they come to me. I had the lead role in plays before. I have an A+ in math. I am a 6th grader but have a 12th grade 9th month reading level. I

    unfamoussinger Jun 30 '14, 2:40PM
  • Yay I'm a music nerd so ture I love music

    Ev14 Jun 30 '14, 8:35AM
  • omg I tied between Anime and Gamer! So true though xD

    TheSilentSiren Jun 24 '14, 1:41AM
  • Musician? Whuuut?
    Fine I guess you're right..I'm all about everything from listening to music to playing it in my head to playing music to making songs.

    AllHailLelouch Jun 17 '14, 11:15PM
  • Yes!!I'm an artistic nerd!:)

    Babypikachu Jun 16 '14, 1:58AM
  • Honestly, I'm an everything nerd :I I spend far too much time on Reddit and Manyland and Runescape and playing my viola and doodling and dA and READING and I wrote a novel and such.

    Wait, social nerd..? WTF, people reading the words on my SHIRT is enough social interaction for one day.

    Your Result: Musician

    Doo doo de doo waaaa doo de doo! (

    Jumbofluff Jun 15 '14, 10:13PM
  • Science-math nerd for 90%....yep thats totally me

    nicola payne May 31 '14, 4:20AM
  • You just basically called me a weeaboo! I'm not saying its wrong, just that its mean!

    Chrono2000 May 31 '14, 2:26AM
  • lity nerd,more of a dork tho

    stormfur May 30 '14, 9:13PM
  • i got gamer but by barely because im anime and art nerd too

    nonojackson101 May 13 '14, 12:27PM
  • I like the quiz it was accurate but the only thing wrong was i am Anti-Social(*not realy showing it on the computer:)) and it said i was social and i belive that should be a option but still great quiz

    Lemonade Warrior May 6 '14, 6:18PM
  • I'm a gamer..which is slightly off, I am an anime and art nerd-

    Liwl May 5 '14, 9:37AM
  • It says Drama Nerd but Im mostly an anime,music,book,an d art nerd

    meowmeowm May 4 '14, 3:43PM

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