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  • ANIME GAMER!?! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

    Aquagirl676 May 6 '16, 9:46AM
  • ikr?!? this is crap. GROW UP!!

    enderbrine813 Apr 30 '16, 8:07PM
  • Idiots. You actually believe this s--- about your crush kissing you?

    emilytheaveger Apr 30 '16, 11:17AM
  • For f---'s sake why is everyone posting those stupid chain messages? Your crush won't kiss you for sending a message on 5 quizzes. Grow up.

    moojkdfh Apr 25 '16, 4:30PM
  • Gamer/Computer. Though I LOVE anime and Books.

    Jaeion Apr 15 '16, 8:05AM
  • Sooopooooo long!!!!!!! But I'm a gamer/computer nerd... I am really a gamer nerd

    TheScarecrow Mar 16 '16, 3:44PM

    Luv myself Mar 15 '16, 9:47AM
  • WOOHOO! BOOK NERDS RULE! (The word bookworm is LITERALLY included in my email) WRITING/READING RULES (I am literally the person in my school who reads/writes the most)

    ItalyGirl0917 Feb 24 '16, 1:40PM
  • Wow! I got 0% on everything. I already know I'm notta nerd.

    Britany298 Jan 21 '16, 9:59PM

    MickeyLOLgirl Jan 10 '16, 3:57PM
  • Heck yeah! I'm a literature nerd and an artistic nerd :-) Love this quiz.

    Raven_claw Jan 4 '16, 1:58PM
  • Evryone lies about these f---ing kissing dumb--- things. I mean what's the point? Noone belives and it it dosen't happen and probly there's like a program where it'll automatticly say it! And WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SUPOSTU DO IF YOU ARE NOT AMERICAN/EGLAND? So yeah, i looked on evry quiz it's NOT REAL don't belive i mean ima friekin' 9 years old and no one will ever kiss me. If you readen so far you're awesome :D it's just not real btw my score was Computer/Thing. So yeah, ima tellin ya, DON'T BELIVE and if this is true, then ima gonna slap myself 847 times. And if somone WILL kiss me wich will not happen "ever" well... maybye to my future crush beacuse i don't have one. But in other facts it'll N.E.V.E.R happen. So yeah, and if you're gonna say "this little kiddo dunno what's hes talking" well im x9000 times smarter then evry single other 9 yearz old. So umm... Yeah. And also, if you readed all of this your awesome. Byeee!

    TwTEvilDiamond13 Jan 3 '16, 12:42PM
  • Literature nerd

    Everlark7 Dec 28 '15, 8:36AM
  • I knew it was either going to be artistic or musician XD

    TheDementedAngel Dec 16 '15, 12:23PM
  • This is the dumbest s--- I've ever wasted my life with..... totally worth it!

    bouncing_titties Dec 13 '15, 9:20PM
  • Anime fan. TOTALLY!!!

    iBook331 Dec 13 '15, 6:16PM
  • Sciece/math nerd sooo true

    diamonds Nov 21 '15, 7:35PM
  • this quiz sucks

    sheridan Nov 20 '15, 9:12PM

    hipdo Oct 29 '15, 4:35PM
  • I like drmama and singing and all that poop, but I watch a LOT more anime than I do read, and a LOT more games than I watch anime!!!

    Kirito_SAO Oct 21 '15, 9:19PM
  • What Be Your Nerd Type?

    Your Result: Literature Nerd


    Does sitting by a nice cozy fire, with a cup of hot tea/chocolate, and a book you can read for hours even when your eyes grow red and dry and you look sort of scary sitting there with your insomniac appearance? Then you fit this category perfectly! You love the power of the written word and it's eloquence; and you may like to read/write poetry or novels. You contribute to the smart people of today's society, however you can probably be overly-critical of works. It's okay. I understand.

    Gamer/Comp uter Nerd

    Drama Nerd

    Anime Nerd

    Social Nerd

    Artistic Nerd


    Science/Ma th Nerd

    Kirito_SAO Oct 21 '15, 9:18PM
  • Science/math nerd,cool quiz

    I am cool Sep 30 '15, 9:38AM

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