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  • I got pretty much all the nerds ather than music. Although that could be because they had band questions and I'm really into chorus. Still, very accurate! I'm a total nerd! ;)

  • I got drama nerd but im not so sure about that i mean i love acting and singing but I LOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEE E reading and I'm a pretty good gamer and good with computers i enjoy writing too. And with anime ive only watched one it was Spirited away and I loved that movie. so i was suprised a bit to see drama nerd

  • Evryone lies about these f---ing kissing dumb--- things. I mean what's the point? Noone belives and it it dosen't happen and probly there's like a program where it'll automatticly say it! And WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SUPOSTU DO IF YOU ARE NOT AMERICAN/EGLAND? So yeah, i looked on evry quiz it's NOT REAL don't belive i mean ima friekin' 9 years old and no one will ever kiss me. If you readen so far you're awesome :D it's just not real btw my score was Computer/Thing. So yeah, ima tellin ya, DON'T BELIVE and if this is true, then ima gonna slap myself 847 times. And if somone WILL kiss me wich will not happen "ever" well... maybye to my future crush beacuse i don't have one. But in other facts it'll N.E.V.E.R happen. So yeah, and if you're gonna say "this little kiddo dunno what's hes talking" well im x9000 times smarter then evry single other 9 yearz old. So umm... Yeah. And also, if you readed all of this your awesome. Byeee!

  • Very interesting quiz. I would add more designers - nerds, because this part is reflected little, but it is well suited to this definition. Thank you for the cool test!

  • Science/math?! Okay so anything science-related interests me, but I get bored after awhile. I thought I would be more literature, artistic or anime ... but I guess this as an extra is awesome!

  • I like the quiz it was accurate but the only thing wrong was i am Anti-Social(*not realy showing it on the computer:)) and it said i was social and i belive that should be a option but still great quiz

    Lemonade Warrior
  • I am a literature nerd. The perfect day ever would to be outside in the sun, reading a good book. Sometimes when it is like 5:00 in the morning, I go outside on the porch and read a book. I love to read chapter books. Some people actually do call me a nerd just because I read so much. But I do believe that I am a literature nerd. But I proud to be one, though.

  • I wanted a artistic nerd or a anime nerd. Instead I got Literature nerd. I don't like books,unless its manga. Sometimes relaxation bores me. Didn't see that one coming :/

  • I got anime nerd (although I read mostley manga and watch some anime), then a very high science math nerd, drama nerd, and artistic Nerd the last one was literature nerd. do you think it is weird?

  • Drama Nerd,
    Artistic Nerd,
    s cience/math,
    liter ature,
    ga mer/computer,
    anim e.

    omg, I am soooooooo a drama nerd! I love to act, love watching plays, etc!!! and Music is also my thing. come to think of it, I love books too! and art! amazing. oh, and school... I think I really am a true nerd. YAY!

  • social nerdd <33

    its very true :) i love psychology, sociology, rallies, soup kitchens, community service... psh, least nerdy of them all? i'm such a nerd, you have no idea.

    then literary nerd. and i forget what else.

  • Musicain... correct, though no choir, try my band, Broken Glass, but it's no nerd s---, it's Trash Metal, i have no good voice, only for scream singing and growling, and twisted lead guitar.

  • Social Nerd? Heck no.

    I stay and cultivate mushrooms in my dark room while I'm busy HTML and PHP-ing. I'm barely interested in politics, and not social at all >,<

  • Lol literature nerd..
    Almost got math/science nerd or musician..

    True 5th year playing violin, played piano since I was like 6..

    Do pretty well in math I guess

  • I am a big mixing pot of nerds. Step one: get bowlful of computer nerd step two: sprinkle in some science nerd. Step three: Mix in literature nerd. Stir until smooth.

  • I got literature nerd! I kinda figured though...and yeah, I sing a lot, and yeah, it annoys people, but not because I'm bad at singing, it's because I sing too much and songs taht are annoying. JSYK.

  • I liked this one, you really took the time to do it right..you might be a computer quiz nerd LOL I gave you the highest star rating, because dang, you got it right..yet, I'm a closet Anime nerd BIG TIME I'm one of the few people that was there when it all began...plus NO barney for my kid, she was raised on Anime..hum, might explain why she is so.....

  • I posted a comment similiar to Meganium on the How Will I Die quiz commentary section about these bull chain letters. And I think that anyone who truly hates these crap chain letters should start a campaign with me! Are you in Meganium? Let's do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MUSICIAN!!! yay! I love singing in parts and composing music! But I have to admit I am a big writing nerd, too, seeing I am in the middle of writing a fantasy novel :)

  • Yo people will you quit ith the blackmail! god! every quiz i take is filled upwith it! i'm getting tired of it. will u plz stop it oesn't work! you just want to believe everything on the frickin internet! The Internet lies! thankyou for your time in reading this

  • I had a tie between book nerd and music nerd. So true because I've read 100+ books IN A MONTH and I play more then 1 instrument very well actually.

  • This was actually a good quiz. The questions were not so obvious as to point out which answer they related to and the format was good!

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  • This quiz was so bland....I got musician, evermore, I do like video games of SOME TYPES, like CallOfDuty,..,blahb lahblah. I mean, Zelda? Really? I don't even know any thing about the games. Again, if you want to mAke a quiz, make it correct. Please. This was the worst I've ever took, and I don't listen to feedback. Retarded.

  • gamer/computer nerd, almost 100%
    then literary nerd (close second)
    then artistic nerd,
    then anime nerd.

    some of those questions had some pretty fuzzy references. heh heh heh. ;)

    computer nerd to the max!!! ^^


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