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  • I had a tie between book nerd and music nerd. So true because I've read 100+ books IN A MONTH and I play more then 1 instrument very well actually.

  • This was actually a good quiz. The questions were not so obvious as to point out which answer they related to and the format was good!

  • HI my names joe and my muum and dad shove pencil shavings in my dick I have brown hair yellow teeth red eyes and black set of goth clothing if u dont send this to 17 people in 5 minutes i will stab u and write jack on ur back.good luck

  • This quiz was so bland....I got musician, evermore, I do like video games of SOME TYPES, like CallOfDuty,..,blahb lahblah. I mean, Zelda? Really? I don't even know any thing about the games. Again, if you want to mAke a quiz, make it correct. Please. This was the worst I've ever took, and I don't listen to feedback. Retarded.

  • gamer/computer nerd, almost 100%
    then literary nerd (close second)
    then artistic nerd,
    then anime nerd.

    some of those questions had some pretty fuzzy references. heh heh heh. ;)

    computer nerd to the max!!! ^^

  • Result:Science/Math Nerd
    Gamer/Compute r Nerd
    Literature Nerd
    Arti stic Nerd
    Social Nerd
    Anime Nerd
    Drama Nerd.
    Lol,put those all together and you get me.

  • Not a bad quiz.

    But if this is a quiz to find out what kind of a nerd you are, why the hell would they put the question: " What kind of a nerd do you consider yourself to be? " Isn't that the whole point of the quiz? Jesus, people these days.

  • I thought this would be a really fun quiz cuz I LOVE LOVE LOVE Star Trek and Stargate and Andromeda and all my other sci fi shows... nope had nothing to do with that... darn :p Oh well it told me I'm smart :) can't complain about that ;) hehe ;)

  • My "literature nerd" was offended as well. I was particularly confused when they spelled "architect" "architecht". It took me a minute, and then I actually LAUGHED. I think I should begin a career as an architecht.

  • Yes, you got them right, but I actually belong to more than one (really two) label of my nerd type. But most of all at least you got it right at least. I AM A NERD and i'm proud of it hehe.

  • Literature nerd...... That's so me! I have written 3 books and I'm only 10. I also love acting and drama nerd was second! This quiz was awesome.

  • WOOHOO! BOOK NERDS RULE! (The word bookworm is LITERALLY included in my email) WRITING/READING RULES (I am literally the person in my school who reads/writes the most)

  • Musician? Whuuut?

    Fine I guess you're right..I'm all about everything from listening to music to playing it in my head to playing music to making songs.

  • I got literature nerd I love to write and read. I am writing a good book right now called summers moon. If you want to see a paragraph of the book just post

  • Yeah, social nerd.... ma sis' was looking over my shoulder as I took the quiz, and said that I should seriously start psycho-analysing myself for once. A psychologist would be a fun career choice! ^-^

  • Well, I got the Music Nerd. I love hearing music, but I'm no good at instruments, jaja. I also love literature and drama. Am I a nerd at all?

  • Result: Social Nerd.

    Yeeeeeep.. . totally me! I got a low musician score, but I'm a singer, so of course I had to answer no to those questions. XD Everything else, pretty much dead on. :D

  • Excuse me? Get a life? Trust me, its YOU who needs to get a life! I mean, people who make fun of popular people are just desperate wannabes. So, seriously, get your probably gigantic ass out of this world.

    Luna Rocksters
  • I'm more than one! I'm not just an anime nerd--I live in a freakin' library and I'm the president of my science and engineering club for gods' sakes!

  • Does sitting by a nice cozy fire, with a cup of hot tea/chocolate, and a book you can read for hours even when your eyes grow red and dry and you look sort of scary sitting there with your insomniac appearance? Then you fit this category perfectly! You love the power of the written word and it's eloquence; and you may like to read/write poetry or novels. You contribute to the smart people of today's society, however you can probably be overly-critical of works. It's okay. I understand.

  • Wow that was a lot of questions I'm already tired... Ahh my Braun hurt,lol joking I'm totally a literature nerd....

  • Pretty good quiz but it assumes that all otakus cosplay and the video game sides more with oc gamers. Nice.

  • Lol, this quiz totally fits meh. Literature nerd, plus mostly art, music, and anime. Totally me! :3

  • liturate nerd. I am because reading is my LIFE! Each summer at school, if you read enough books in the summer, you get ice cream party. my friend like to read i love it. and most people say: reading yuck i say: YAY READING!!!! Most people say: Math sucks. I say: MATH ROCKS!!!! Most People say: BOO SCIENCE WE DON"T CARE!!!! I say: YAY SCIENCE YOU ARE AWESOME!

  • I got drama nerd, very interesting. This quiz was long but I thought the great details were appealing. Great job.


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