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  • I got literature nerd I love to write and read. I am writing a good book right now called summers moon. If you want to see a paragraph of the book just post

  • Yeah, social nerd.... ma sis' was looking over my shoulder as I took the quiz, and said that I should seriously start psycho-analysing myself for once. A psychologist would be a fun career choice! ^-^

  • Well, I got the Music Nerd. I love hearing music, but I'm no good at instruments, jaja. I also love literature and drama. Am I a nerd at all?

  • Result: Social Nerd.

    Yeeeeeep.. . totally me! I got a low musician score, but I'm a singer, so of course I had to answer no to those questions. XD Everything else, pretty much dead on. :D

  • Excuse me? Get a life? Trust me, its YOU who needs to get a life! I mean, people who make fun of popular people are just desperate wannabes. So, seriously, get your probably gigantic ass out of this world.

    Luna Rocksters
  • I'm more than one! I'm not just an anime nerd--I live in a freakin' library and I'm the president of my science and engineering club for gods' sakes!

  • Does sitting by a nice cozy fire, with a cup of hot tea/chocolate, and a book you can read for hours even when your eyes grow red and dry and you look sort of scary sitting there with your insomniac appearance? Then you fit this category perfectly! You love the power of the written word and it's eloquence; and you may like to read/write poetry or novels. You contribute to the smart people of today's society, however you can probably be overly-critical of works. It's okay. I understand.

  • Wow that was a lot of questions I'm already tired... Ahh my Braun hurt,lol joking I'm totally a literature nerd....

  • Pretty good quiz but it assumes that all otakus cosplay and the video game sides more with oc gamers. Nice.

  • Lol, this quiz totally fits meh. Literature nerd, plus mostly art, music, and anime. Totally me! :3

  • liturate nerd. I am because reading is my LIFE! Each summer at school, if you read enough books in the summer, you get ice cream party. my friend like to read i love it. and most people say: reading yuck i say: YAY READING!!!! Most people say: Math sucks. I say: MATH ROCKS!!!! Most People say: BOO SCIENCE WE DON"T CARE!!!! I say: YAY SCIENCE YOU ARE AWESOME!

  • I got drama nerd, very interesting. This quiz was long but I thought the great details were appealing. Great job.

  • good. too much anime though! anime-did u mean the comic thingies from Japan or like Superman, Scooby-Doo, etc.?

    u made it hard! im drama, literature, AND artistic/muscian!

  • Literature nerd- not really surprising. Just as an odd comment-y-type-thin g, you should add nerdfighter on there as a result. If you don't know what a nerdfighter is, then type it in on Youtube. And yes, I did say YOUTUBE.

  • I think this quiz got me perfectly: Social, literature, drama, math/science, anime, video games. This quiz rocks!

  • Literature Nerd!!! Yep, that's all me... I SOOO love to read and write and without books I could not SURVIVE... how come on #5 (How many books do you read in one calendar month) the highest option was 5+? I read around 15 thick/regular paperback books each month...

  • wow, Prowler24 your a sight for sore eyes in a manner of speaking. your really depressing you know that right?!?! personally the quiz wasnt that bad, not the best but not quite that bad. (btw I got social Nerd)

  • s--- ! my comment went wrong.
    haha :)
    anyway my result was perfeect ! soo me :)
    Your Result: Musician
    Drama Nerd
    Social Nerd
    Artistic Nerd
    Literature Nerd
    Gamer/Computer Nerd
    Science/Math Nerd
    Anime Nerd

  • I am a musician, and it is true, I play the violin, piano, french horn and do music theory, I also love composing, lol

  • this quiz had a lot of questions but the result turned out to be quite correct.

    im a musician, yes, and a literature nerd second and a gamer/computer nerd third. those are all very true

  • I AM NOT A HIPPIE!!! My brother have more than a dozen guns and knives, all the men in my family r hunters, and my brother's bucher shop is right beside my bedroom! HOW DARE THEY CALL ME A HIPPIE!!!

    Sarah Soda Slim
  • Lit nerd. I agree with the comment below. I have to buy several books a week to keep me entertained. A geed book and a bottle of gin is all I need.

  • I didn't see any point to answer over 40 questions so I just hit submit without answering any.

    I got social nerd. So correct. =]]

  • haha that's SO true! i'm such a literture nerd! and the thing about the blood shot eyes is freakishly true (especially when i write XD) i think i'm also somewhat of an anime nerd, too (but alot of those categories fit me XD). .

  • Musician...
    I play clarinet
    I can sing... a bit

    but I'm special needs so everything I do gets devalued to the point of "what's the point in doing it?" Also, I can knit but I can't sew.


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