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  • "SUS"
  • "Quincy blinked at Oscar, trying to regain his confidence. "I'm fine," he muttered back quietly. "Just a little shocked, that's all." "
  • ""I've used portals before, but none quite like-" Quincy began to respond, but paused realizing who had talked. talking dragons. He had dismi..."
  • The Rose Garden
    "Have you ever ate buffalo? If so, would you recommend it? I'm curious."
  • Ima go on a trip
    "i'm back-"
  • Ima go on a trip
    "Correction: It's tomorrow early morning, so I will be active today, just not much since I have to pack. Just want to state this before I ra..."
  • anyone wanna RP?
    "(idk what to dooooo) Alice nodded, typing "Nice to meet you too!" on her phone."
  • anyone wanna RP?
    "'Oh- Okay." Alice gave a shy smile, before pulling out her phone, and typing out, "I'm Alice," on it."
  • Ima go on a trip
    "I will be gone up to a few days to a week."
  • ""Well something or someone must have caused the portals." voiced Quincy. "Last time I checked, portals don't just appear on their own." He s..."
  • anyone wanna RP?
    "Alice looked at Abbey nervously. "I don't know ASL..." she said, pointing to Abbey's hands then shaking her head."
  • anyone wanna RP?
    "Alice finished her conversation, ocassionally glancing at Abbey. She hesitated, before walking over. "H-hi I'm Alice." she made some g"
  • anyone wanna RP?
    ""Yeah, Okay," Alice responded to one of Abbey's dad's question. She looked up sensing Abbey and gave a shy wave."
  • ""Um....Luckbug.." Quincy ran his fingers through his hair, still very confused. "And this is Pixie." he pointed to the small bug, which had ..."
  • anyone wanna RP?
    "Alice sat in the other room, waiting for abby's parents to introduce her. They had briefly explained her job, but she was unsure, never havi..."

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