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  • this quiz is complete dog s--- ive been a huge zombie fanatic and enthusiest since i was 8 ive always had a survival plan since i was 13 years old ive also taken over a dozen other test and quizes all of which the lowest i scored on before were 89% or higher but 58% r u f---in kidding me so yeah believe me the test is complete crap

    zombieman09ful Aug 12 '18, 4:15AM
  • Girls should have the same chances as boys. Boys might be stronger or whatever, but girls are quicker and *names a bunch of skills*

    Random101 Feb 14 '16, 1:41PM
  • 52% :) Great Chance

    Ron_Melchor Jan 7 '16, 6:30AM
  • I took the quiz twice and answered all of the questions the same except for the male/female..I am a female
    male results:50%
    female results:42%

    TWD Aug 28 '15, 4:24PM
  • 42%

    dude i played twd.dying light.left 4 dead 2 and ...

    i am parkour. i ran hella fast.but to be honest. was bulls--- and cool :)

    LIND Aug 27 '15, 6:46AM
  • I am 18 years old this quiz is bull s---

    gamer105 Jul 10 '15, 7:28PM
  • I have studyed zombies for 6 years Iknow a lot about them

    gamer105 Jul 10 '15, 7:26PM
  • 35% that is bull s---

    gamer105 Jul 10 '15, 7:24PM
  • 17..... wow..... but i watch twd......

    pooz Jun 24 '15, 8:14PM
  • 57%

    I am probably not going to get ripped apart in the first 24 hours.

    So happy right now.

    THeSNiperrBlah Jun 22 '15, 5:48PM
  • 5% WHY!!!!!!! iN TEN MINUTES, ME, X_X!!

    Pizzaandnuggets May 22 '15, 1:27AM
  • 27? Damn in every quiz i get atleast 60-70

    PagalLadka Apr 14 '15, 3:01AM
  • 47%...and,am outta here

    PeinDanzo Mar 27 '15, 5:16PM
  • 0% Omg, my life.... XD

    Kalafina Mar 7 '15, 7:42PM
  • 100%. Wow. 2 years worth of preparing and studying the zombie apocalypse, I finally can survive! After 18 years in the Navy, I finally remember zombies can't swim.I also know aircraft carriers last 100 years at sea. With a good 100 man team and a nice 1 year food supply, All I have to do is find fuel now. Nearly a piece of cake.

    6609 Jan 9 '15, 8:38AM
  • Unless the creator actually cheats and gives himself like he can bench press 250 and exercises 500+ a week. In weight class he'd put himself in 120-130 probably, but that is if he does cheat.

    StephenRockers16 Jan 6 '15, 10:23AM
  • 35%
    Flip a coin. Heads you live, tails you die. Because basically, that's what your chances are like right now. You are amateurish at best, and that is not a bad thing, but you must improve your talents and skills soon.
    True. I know my personnel of firearms. A 12 gauge ain't my style. Too slow, but has increase of damage, but not very tactical. I prefere a M4 or AR or something Sharpshooter. It is much easier to kill someone imediality with a semi auto. Fully I would prefere a M4 or MK14. I am pretty good at Martial Arts. CrazyGames, don't doubt the creator it's just a survey, if think the creator will be pretty good.

    StephenRockers16 Jan 6 '15, 10:21AM
  • You are 9% likely to survive

    You obviously do not realize Z-Day will not be a Hollywood adventure. Go out and get some life experience before the Zombies come and end what little you already have.

    AnAwesomeMiner Dec 25 '14, 3:06PM
  • wow really?! 25%? in the walking dead im older than carl i can drive stick, i know how to operate any firearm. i am a black belt in karate. i can hunt, fish, and can cook. this quiz is B.S.!!!!!!

    ellipticabyss Dec 24 '14, 11:14PM
  • Hmm well i have friends that use swords and bows and im pretty smart with death,zombies,and wounds i think well survive

    Killerkitten Dec 21 '14, 12:57PM
  • i would survive because i kno how to handle a zombie situation without a damn quiz ...

    darkmoon1234 Nov 5 '14, 1:13PM
  • We can do this we got 57persent we rocked this quiz.

    Winners Nov 1 '14, 5:34PM

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