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  • 35%

    Flip a coin. Heads you live, tails you die. Because basically, that's what your chances are like right now. You are amateurish at best, and that is not a bad thing, but you must improve your talents and skills soon.

    True. I know my personnel of firearms. A 12 gauge ain't my style. Too slow, but has increase of damage, but not very tactical. I prefere a M4 or AR or something Sharpshooter. It is much easier to kill someone imediality with a semi auto. Fully I would prefere a M4 or MK14. I am pretty good at Martial Arts. CrazyGames, don't doubt the creator it's just a survey, if think the creator will be pretty good.

  • Oh and @evilkitten and @zombiemower

    Dirty cheaters! Someone named "evilkitten" doesn't have army survival training, or anything close to that, same goes for "zombiemmower" I'd bet that ou guys have a combined weight of over 750 pounds. Dirty cheating nerds. I got a 67% which is better than 90% of the non-cheaters. I have had no military experience and I'll admit that for the sake of seeing my REAL score based on the test, however inacurate it may be. And in the case of the test: Even if you're a military specialist with 15 years experience, it still relies on luck mainly. The military veteran may die before the old lady, it mainly matters where you are. No matter who you are (chuck Norris being the only exception) you can't fight off 20,000+ zombies with your bare hands, or even a machine gun with more ammo than humanly possible to carry. Because the point of zombies is they swarm, even a military veteran can't shoot 300 zombies running at him with only 30 bullets in a clip.

    /end rant

  • I personally don't think that this quiz is very accurate. It overemphasizes the power of our military. We aren't prepared for an invasion let alone a revolution, or a revolt (even if the ones revolting are in fact flesh eaters)I scored a 40 percent and I answered every question honestly which I am sure that most of the high scorers did not. I don't pretend to know everything on the topic but I do know this, how is the military supposed to pull through during a zombie invasion when they can't even protect a two mile strip of highway to the Baghdad airport? Look at how long it took them to move in to New Orleans after Katrina.

    Take this question for example. The one that asked who you would take with you. I said my best friend, because my best friend has an arsenal of weapons, combat training, electrical training, he's knows how to make bombs out of just about anything, and I'd like the pleasure of his company.

    Plus all this stuff is hypothetically speaking of course. In reality I think in the event of a zombie invasion, or any civil unrest for that matter. Its usually the one with a big head that goes down first. Its all about luck.

  • 50% it said. Flip a coin it said. Heads you live Tails you die it said. What it didn't say was do you live on a steap mountain with one pass that is blocked off when ever i want it to be.It didn't say do you have a secret underground bunker with military grade pimped out vehicles plus with extensive labyrinth like mazes running all through the mountain with detailed digital maps of the labyrinths with additional weapons and food/water supplies with extensive amounts of medical supplies and fuel for the vehicles with a contact network of military, ex-military, police and specialized weapons handlers.

  • Although many of you have a point this quiz is flawed. It lack of being able to choose multiple options is the first. What do you know about zombies? Only one answer is the best? There are lots of things to know about zombies. Not just that if your bit you turn, or have to destroy the brain. And although knowing how to operate tons of vehicles is a plus it doesn't mean salvation. Any operation of a noisy vehicle means attention. If your flying where are you flying too? If there is a zombie apocalypse where are you flying to? Will you even be able to land to refuel? The noise of the plane landing would attract any zombies nearby. With a boat, so you can drive one, where does that get you? Zombies will be in the water, you'll need supplies to last. Because to land is to make yourself vulnerable. Although the quiz has a few good points it doesn't go below the shallow end. I would also go far enough to say the quiz is specialized to the creator. After seeing what the higher percentages say. It is biased to his opinion and it would also appear he has a bit of an ego.

  • While I don't agree with all of the opinions of the quizmaker, come on, guys!! Max Brooks is clueless. Have you read what he said about the shotgun? The fact is that a 12-gauge with #4 birdshot will turn a ghoul's head into fine red mist from a very comfortable range. Here's what Brooks says about a bow and arrow: not accurate enough and you'll need to hit the eye socket. That's complete bogus. A modern hunting bow will penetrate any point on a zombie's face--and if you can't manage to hit it before it reaches you, I sure as Hell wouldn't want you in my team of survivors! The point I'm getting at here is that although The Zombie Survival Guide is the definitive source for information on the virus, not all of it can be taken as law.

    E Lunatic
  • The way I see it. No one know's what Zombies are capable of there is no real facts. Zombie's are not real. Okay, I'll beleive it when I see it. And it really shouldn't matter if your phisically fit ot not, if faced with a life or death situation, people have adrenaline that will kick in to get the hell away from danger unless of course or disabled then I guess your screwed unless someone helps you or your Speedy McGee in your wheel-chair. Either way I really don't believe there is or ever will be Zombies. If God decided it was time He wanted that person dead then their dead. He ain't gonna be like "Oh I think he/she should live a little longer let's bring them back." Stupid there's no reason to get mad and no "facts" that you speak of, cause it's all CRAP. Thank You ;)

  • I partially agree with whoever it is who said: It's just a quiz, it's not real. Maybe there'll be a real zombie apocalypse and then you'll be able to see for sure, but until then shutup. Or something like that. I agree, I also agree with you saying "and all the 12 year olds who think they'd survive because they would shoot their mom to live" or whatever: I mostly agree, I agree with what you're saying about that not making you survive, however a zombie apocalypse isnt the time for "Don't worry, even though you're bit, I'm sure you'll be fine. Lemme give you a nice big hug now." it's the time for, "Youre bit, you're already dead to me now." if they're bit, they're a liability and no matter who they are you must put them down when it's time, because you may hesitate before shooting the zombified little girl next door, but she won't. Say I'm just trying to sound cool, but I'm saying: in that situation are you saying that you wouldn't shoot?

    One more complaint: You're quiz obviously idolizes military training, what about us country people who grew up with guns, knives, axes, machetes, chainsaws, ect. Around them all the time?

  • 46% for me eh? I am an ex-military diver, I went to military survival school, I collect firearms, I have a go-bag by my door, I make sure my car is always filled with gas, I have a 1 month supply of food and water, I have an extensive medical kit and am an EMT, I have maps showing alternate routes to my uncles rural farm, I run a 7 minute mile, my girlfriend is an MD. This quiz is bunk.

    • Wow, you're a ex military diver and only run a 7 minute mile? run a 7 min 2 mile. there is no such thing as a Military Survival school for zombies, being in boy scouts and having a "First Aid" Merit badge gives you basic EMT training (Not the same, just basic,) and I could make a medical kit for like 20$ at Walmart, and a real survival man would have more than one month of food and wouldn't need to rely on his "uncles farm". Also Military diver doesn't mean you're some badass SeAL buddy. Your lie is mediocre at best.

  • I'd probably try making a small community where everyone knows how to fight, where everyone is willing to fight as long as needed against an invasion, and where those who object to the community can just leave and start their own freakin' community of lazy bums for all I care, just as long as my group can survive.

    If they only sit around and be a waste of supplies, then they can just leave and never return.

    Plus, no one will surrender, because:
    Surrender is a coward's game

    You can't surrender against zombies anyway. You're screwed either way, so just fight for the survival of the others.

  • You know what, this quiz sucks. I mean, you DON'T need to know all of that to survive. Honestly, I would rather have a knife handy than a firearm during an actual Zombie Apocalypse because guess what? GUNS. FREAKING. RUN. OUT. OF. AMMO.

    And to be honest, almost no ordinary citizen would qualify in all of those questions. Even a man/woman serving in the Armed Forces most likely would not have an axe, mace, or heavy firearms in their house.

    I'd be curious to see if the creator of this quiz would survive.

  • This test is crap. I can drive anything from 2 wheels to 16 wheels and everything in between as well as being licensed on all of them. I've got two AR-15's, and 12 guage autoloader, a beretta 9mm with a lot of magazines, and lots of ammo. I've also got the moral latitude to dispose of anyone who gets in my way. I was 11 series trained and still run two miles in less than 13 minutes. I don't drink or smoke. I'd say I'm at least in the top fifty percent. This test says I've got a forty percent chance. Bull----.

  • 100%. Wow. 2 years worth of preparing and studying the zombie apocalypse, I finally can survive! After 18 years in the Navy, I finally remember zombies can't swim.I also know aircraft carriers last 100 years at sea. With a good 100 man team and a nice 1 year food supply, All I have to do is find fuel now. Nearly a piece of cake.

  • You are 27% likely to survive

    sorry but no. i've taken at least 5 other zombie quizes with MUCH better questions & answers and i got at least 75%+ on them any way i know karate, i have loads of weapons of my dads close by, i could probably drive a car, motor bike i took some random class on how to make a fire and find food in the wilderness and where i live there are so few people here here there would be like no threat!!!

  • 67% I don't know what to say out side of FOCUS! Every one is complaining about their score. But no one I MEAN NO ONE! Is focused on the main point. For starters one of you said head for the woods. THE WOODS! If you stay in the open you can see your attacker or hide in the woods and scream when one jumps out at you. None of us will be ready the real thing till we can take a life with out hesitation! More importantly taking out family! When you can whack the people you love most. You will get 100%. But unless we are in need of a heartless killer Prison is where you will be.

  • this is crap, come on 17% for an 11 and a half year old, come on, i know how to operate weapons (crowbars shotguns pistols fire extingwishers ect.) and i know hand to hand combat! I mean i even know to desroy your stairs get a lsdder, and fill all bathtubs and sinks with water 'cause after a few days, dehighdration will be your biggest threat. i even read the entire "The Zombie Survival Guide" this morning!!!

    PS: I'm NOT joking about any of this!

  • What I want to know is how long the creator of this would survive I doubt it would be anything special plus in survival there are no wrong answers never hesitate stand strong be brave be valiant and go for the head if it came to survival I wouldn't need a quiz not like they would give me an answer worth anything that's swimming in my mind I have a plan and if they say it's 35% they have no clue in my mind it's 100% so have fun if the day ever comes for survival won't see me taking a s--- quiz

  • Not one serious question regarding improvised explosives. How about a rating based based ammo calibers or rounds fired? I a real zombie outbreak the author would only have a 5% chance of survival. I'll take my 44% and make for the woods.

  • You are 38% likely to survive

    I could not agree becouse I am quite quite a warrior. Boxing, also I have some melee real weapons, some hand made some bought (kind of a hobby...) and to survive I could plunder and harm others with cold blood BUT I agree with result. Why? I could simply be suprised. All of ya - imagine your family member is looking agressive, ill, undead. You would not kill'em but try to help. Call doctor or else. What I am trying to say is that no one would so quickly believe that something like zombie qutbreak actualy happened!

  • Hey you know...this Quiz actually does make sence now that i read through it...cheers on creating this. This person is right about alot of the the person above who says "i know alot about zombies and have all kinds of plans" and what not. The best plan is having no plan. Plans never work out like you planed should be able to think on your feet. Dont have LONG term plans, and also the question "how much do you know about zombies?" should be answered as NOTHING...because you DONT...they arnt REAL. You KNOW nothing...but you have an idea. This whole quiz is AMAZINGLY acurate...i've learned something here today with this quiz and would like to think this person for opening my eyes. THANX! From now on, im only gunna focus on making sure I have the necesities for an invasion..and the skills to fight...but no plans...they never go as you think. Max Brooks is an idiot compared to this guy. Your awsome..but SOME stuff is alittle off. Like the plane and boat stuff...but

  • Sparton117 im guessing you play half life/ half life 2 am i correct? because it is relatively easy to operate a crowbar,the guy in half life uses a crowbar,also dont get all your facts from video games,maybe a few comma's in there wouldn't hurt, because it all looks like one sentence!!!

  • Seriously this test does blow!!! 60%. Listen im a beast i would kill every zombie in my neighborhood before they even get to my house. oyu know why?? well im the best freakin sniper in my neighborhood. The zombies wouldnt even know what hit them!! plus if they do get to my house they better bring a crap load of others to be able to bring me down. Im a beast you cant touch this!!!!!

  • Thirty five percent survival rate, I have good survival skills and common sense knowledge but am terrible with weapons. I never had to use weapons on others thankfully. Cool quiz anyways mate.

  • 66%, i like those odds. i find it funny that alot of people are pissed because of this quiz. by the way, how would you know you would survive a zombie invasion so well if you havent even been in one? if your going to say that you played some videogame with zombies in it and you lived then your an even bigger moron than i thought. if zombies were real then they could be alot different then what any of you think they are now. who knows, maybe some idiot will actually create the virus and then you can prove your chances. until then, none of you can say you will survive.

  • he hasnt got his facts write, i can read max brooks zombie survival guide blidfolded and i get 40%, it didnt have enough options (i will stay and defend my home when the apocalypse comes) i live on the top of a hill with a farm in the back yard. i agree with hinata hyuga, we'll see you ALL when its over, (any one intrested enough in the zombie subject prepared to take a test must know quite a bitt about the subject and YOU'LL yes YOU will survive, infact everyone whos commented or taken the test will survive.


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