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  • i guys suck

    zombiemower Oct 6 '10, 2:55PM
  • omg u guys suck so badly *****

    zombiemower Oct 5 '10, 4:37PM
  • bye:)

    zombiemower Oct 5 '10, 4:14PM
  • ******************* ******************* ********
    ********* ******************* ******************

    u zombies omg die

    zombiemower Oct 5 '10, 4:13PM
  • all of u suck omg

    zombiemower Oct 5 '10, 4:13PM
  • omg u'll all die with the zombies

    say bye


    BLO OSH!!!!!!!!

    zombiemower Oct 5 '10, 4:12PM
  • 100% yah say bye to all of you who got turned into zombies

    zombiemower Oct 5 '10, 4:10PM
  • You will all die when i say so! FUDGE MUFFIN!

    m867 Aug 23 '10, 4:55PM
  • Although many of you have a point this quiz is flawed. It lack of being able to choose multiple options is the first. What do you know about zombies? Only one answer is the best? There are lots of things to know about zombies. Not just that if your bit you turn, or have to destroy the brain. And although knowing how to operate tons of vehicles is a plus it doesn't mean salvation. Any operation of a noisy vehicle means attention. If your flying where are you flying too? If there is a zombie apocalypse where are you flying to? Will you even be able to land to refuel? The noise of the plane landing would attract any zombies nearby. With a boat, so you can drive one, where does that get you? Zombies will be in the water, you'll need supplies to last. Because to land is to make yourself vulnerable. Although the quiz has a few good points it doesn't go below the shallow end. I would also go far enough to say the quiz is specialized to the creator. After seeing what the higher percentages say. It is biased to his opinion and it would also appear he has a bit of an ego.

    Thatguy1211 Aug 10 '10, 12:16PM
  • Sparton117 im guessing you play half life/ half life 2 am i correct? because it is relatively easy to operate a crowbar,the guy in half life uses a crowbar,also dont get all your facts from video games,maybe a few comma's in there wouldn't hurt, because it all looks like one sentence!!!

    cadkls Aug 10 '10, 11:22AM
  • 66%, i like those odds. i find it funny that alot of people are pissed because of this quiz. by the way, how would you know you would survive a zombie invasion so well if you havent even been in one? if your going to say that you played some videogame with zombies in it and you lived then your an even bigger moron than i thought. if zombies were real then they could be alot different then what any of you think they are now. who knows, maybe some idiot will actually create the virus and then you can prove your chances. until then, none of you can say you will survive.

    firedude3132 Aug 9 '10, 8:13PM
  • you people are complaining about how s---ty you did, so don't take any of these quizes. i got 63% and thats good enough for me. and for the 12 year olds who thing that their "badass" and think that killing your own mother is easy then you need to brush up on the more physiologic side to this.

    jakev91489 Jul 29 '10, 8:30PM
  • 30%??? seriouslyyy?? soo not truee
    undead isnt even thecorrect term dude
    walking dead is
    undead and living dead are for vamps...pshhh

    muzikluvr21 Jul 12 '10, 6:19PM
  • this is crap, come on 17% for an 11 and a half year old, come on, i know how to operate weapons (crowbars shotguns pistols fire extingwishers ect.) and i know hand to hand combat! I mean i even know to desroy your stairs get a lsdder, and fill all bathtubs and sinks with water 'cause after a few days, dehighdration will be your biggest threat. i even read the entire "The Zombie Survival Guide" this morning!!!

    PS: I'm NOT joking about any of this!

    sparton117 Jun 20 '10, 9:06PM
  • I got 18%...maybe it's because i never took thought of zombies because they're fake. But cool quiz though i liked it!

    Scar Jun 6 '10, 8:52PM
  • You are 67% likely to survive

    Have this guy ever seen a zombie?NO!
    Can he put up a quiz and say "how likely we are to survive"?NO!

    Kaledan Jun 2 '10, 8:41PM
  • Who ever made this better say bye-bye if zombies come.

    pielover322 Jun 1 '10, 2:14PM
  • it f****** will be like what sydeny and romero portray it to be (that's why they won't die_

    reverze May 23 '10, 6:33AM
  • zombies are fake.

    fakeone1 Apr 2 '10, 6:01AM
  • Sorry but I know way more about zombies than you this quiz is s--- and you will never survive

    sydxxx Feb 17 '10, 1:18PM
  • 77% I learn from my mistakes! tray it again and see if you do better

    Morphious25 Feb 16 '10, 2:00AM
  • 67% I don't know what to say out side of FOCUS! Every one is complaining about their score. But no one I MEAN NO ONE! Is focused on the main point. For starters one of you said head for the woods. THE WOODS! If you stay in the open you can see your attacker or hide in the woods and scream when one jumps out at you. None of us will be ready the real thing till we can take a life with out hesitation! More importantly taking out family! When you can whack the people you love most. You will get 100%. But unless we are in need of a heartless killer Prison is where you will be.

    Morphious25 Feb 16 '10, 1:47AM

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