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  • I hate this quiz i'm making my own.

    Shawnzx243 Oct 16 '09, 12:14AM
  • This Quiz needs a lot of work it's not very well written suggestion read a bit more into the zombie survival guide I took their quiz I got about 80% there due to my location but yours is giving me very inaccurate answers

    MrTaco Oct 8 '09, 5:58AM
    .... ats really acurate...i dont fight, dont know how either. im a peace keeper, id be hiding behind my zombie obssesed sister and stupidly try to reason with them as my sister kills them all (but lets me get eaten)

    xx4gottenxx Oct 4 '09, 1:44PM
  • wtf i got 49% i im very speedy i have a long pice of wood thats 300 years old so its titnem meatel so if the zombies come towers me ha eat meatel

    jordan taylor Sep 29 '09, 7:27PM
  • sorry but whomever made this quiz... is zombie meat

    blinkeyez Aug 6 '09, 10:57PM
  • 12%.

    Most of my options weren't there, so...

    Darthvado Jul 24 '09, 12:20PM
  • lol i only got 7% chance of survival! its only because the person didnt put my plan on th quiz! when Z-Day comes, i plan to pack up, get a plane ticket w/ my family & friends, and go 2 london! duh!! ya,im a wimp when it comes 2 survival

    Cali100 Jul 23 '09, 12:50PM
  • I'd probably try making a small community where everyone knows how to fight, where everyone is willing to fight as long as needed against an invasion, and where those who object to the community can just leave and start their own freakin' community of lazy bums for all I care, just as long as my group can survive.
    If they only sit around and be a waste of supplies, then they can just leave and never return.
    Plus, no one will surrender, because:
    Surrender is a coward's game
    You can't surrender against zombies anyway. You're screwed either way, so just fight for the survival of the others.

    appayipyip Jun 1 '09, 3:40PM
  • All I can say is "WHAT THE HELL??!!"

    DJ Chic La Freak May 27 '09, 2:32AM
  • I got 22%. It says it all really.

    Please try my quiz at number 42 Which Song Are You? Please try it because it's got a wide variety and one for everyone. Thanks,

    Bambi May 25 '09, 12:11PM
  • Uh what!? I only get 35 percent!? Even if you get many weapons, they are useless! They'll only drag you down. Having too many people in your team will only result in more casualties! The less the better!

    SMS1996 Apr 30 '09, 9:05AM
  • Josedboss.
    Try. Go on.

    Anonymous Apr 22 '09, 7:32AM
  • ummm... I got 100%... I always get these answers!!!! I prepared for da zombies... or am i one?????? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! !!... sorry... had a moment there!!!!!!

    Alex_W Feb 24 '09, 8:26PM
  • It sucked. Sorry, but it was confusing at times(all the unneeded explanations), and i don't think you know what you're talking about.

    avengedsorrow Feb 16 '09, 11:12PM
  • Im 12 and got 60%. I got a great amount of plans for a zombie attack, and they aren't that fast. I really think I'd sruvvie.

    Hinata Hyuga Feb 13 '09, 5:30PM
  • this quiz is stupid and iheart y dont u drink a nice tall glass of mocha stfu

    werezerg Jan 26 '09, 3:45PM
  • the world record is 9 min and 10 sec for 2 miles... Your only 3 min slower eh?.... ok

    IHeartDedZmbs Jan 19 '09, 12:38PM
  • Hey IHeartDedZmbs,
    You r a freakin noob. I still run 2 miles in under 13 minutes, and I been out the army for almost a year. Its called a standard, look it up.
    Research before you comment douche nozzle.

    Ishtharo Jan 15 '09, 12:12AM
  • Most of that stuff I have no experience with, but melee weapons and boats are probably what I'd have my best chance at living with.
    By the way, 26%? WTF?

    appayipyip Dec 26 '08, 5:55PM
  • Even Lying I have 62% (My real chance is 10%)

    hippyboy1111 Dec 23 '08, 1:53PM
  • This is stupid...i kept going back to see what the "RIGHT" answers were...and obviously some 17 or 18 year old kid made this. Accordin to this person... someone 18yrs or younger has a 1% chance MORE survival rating than a 25 to 30 year old. HA! OK! Gay.

    goodguy Dec 23 '08, 2:37AM
  • What percent of the population in zombie times is a zombie? Over 75%? That means that most of us will have less than a 25% chance to live no matter what.

    Swanny Dec 11 '08, 11:28PM

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