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  • zombies r freakin awesome
    I wish they were real
    I want too b in a zombie invasion id own

    chewbops Feb 7 '10, 12:49PM
  • 56%... i highly dought it i have enough weaponry at my place to level and destroy 4

    grimmjow06 Feb 6 '10, 11:40PM
  • i got 47% but surley someone with survival skills and knows how to survive with a compund bow and a 12 bore shotguns wold survive on a island.

    sam evans Feb 4 '10, 4:32AM
  • 66% I KNOW EVERYTHING BUT this guy doent talk about EXPLOSIVES, Scavegers, Insane Survivors and Maybe More into guns.... There are alot more fCTORS...[no emails] E mail me your response

    TheEthan21 Feb 3 '10, 5:45PM
  • And what's all this complaining about "big guns?" This hardly mentions them.

    E Lunatic Jan 28 '10, 8:24PM
  • While I don't agree with all of the opinions of the quizmaker, come on, guys!! Max Brooks is clueless. Have you read what he said about the shotgun? The fact is that a 12-gauge with #4 birdshot will turn a ghoul's head into fine red mist from a very comfortable range. Here's what Brooks says about a bow and arrow: not accurate enough and you'll need to hit the eye socket. That's complete bogus. A modern hunting bow will penetrate any point on a zombie's face--and if you can't manage to hit it before it reaches you, I sure as Hell wouldn't want you in my team of survivors! The point I'm getting at here is that although The Zombie Survival Guide is the definitive source for information on the virus, not all of it can be taken as law.

    E Lunatic Jan 28 '10, 8:18PM
  • Not one serious question regarding improvised explosives. How about a rating based based ammo calibers or rounds fired? I a real zombie outbreak the author would only have a 5% chance of survival. I'll take my 44% and make for the woods.

    demideek Jan 27 '10, 5:11PM
  • 48% for a quiz like this is probably good. Not complaining. It would probably be true.

    Patronus Jan 19 '10, 4:34PM
  • 17% that's so lame. I'm pretty sure i could actually survive but this quiz had limited options... one quizzes that had better options I've got Bad@$$ or total zombie domination or stuff like that...

    paradox4 Jan 15 '10, 11:32AM
  • theres more weapons than just guns and melee you know...
    just because you think your so smart knowing how to use a big gun. and what exactly does electronics have to do with anything? id love to fight you. your so cool with your big gun. well lets just see how well u fare when someone replaces that shotgun or ak with a katana. let me tell u somthing. ud get D.E.S.T.R.O.Y.E.D so shut up. 24%. up yours buddy.

    xkittyzo1 Jan 12 '10, 11:06AM
  • 18%!!!!!! realy!!!! i know a lot more about zombies than your quiz even mentions!!!!! how boout you read Max Brooks Zombie Survival Guide and educate yourself on this matter!!!!!!

    Panzer119 Jan 7 '10, 8:50AM

    stiff Jan 6 '10, 7:08PM
  • You are 38% likely to survive

    I could not agree becouse I am quite quite a warrior. Boxing, also I have some melee real weapons, some hand made some bought (kind of a hobby...) and to survive I could plunder and harm others with cold blood BUT I agree with result. Why? I could simply be suprised. All of ya - imagine your family member is looking agressive, ill, undead. You would not kill'em but try to help. Call doctor or else. What I am trying to say is that no one would so quickly believe that something like zombie qutbreak actualy happened!

    Rafal88022505435 Jan 5 '10, 4:39PM
  • Oh and Beast you said no one can touch you i bet i could

    GOTEAMJACBO Dec 29 '09, 4:42AM
  • wtf 39%
    here are some reasons

    -AWESOME swimmer
    -knows ADVANCED first aid
    -knows how to operate firearm
    -knows how to operate dirtbike (own 2)
    and atv (own1)
    -im 11 and can drive a car can operate
    a boat
    -very loyal and trustwothy
    -well im awesome

    that is why i dont deseve 39%

    GOTEAMJACBO Dec 29 '09, 4:41AM
  • Hmmm....38 %...that sounds about right.

    Croixy Dec 25 '09, 3:33PM
  • I personally don't think that this quiz is very accurate. It overemphasizes the power of our military. We aren't prepared for an invasion let alone a revolution, or a revolt (even if the ones revolting are in fact flesh eaters)I scored a 40 percent and I answered every question honestly which I am sure that most of the high scorers did not. I don't pretend to know everything on the topic but I do know this, how is the military supposed to pull through during a zombie invasion when they can't even protect a two mile strip of highway to the Baghdad airport? Look at how long it took them to move in to New Orleans after Katrina.
    Take this question for example. The one that asked who you would take with you. I said my best friend, because my best friend has an arsenal of weapons, combat training, electrical training, he's knows how to make bombs out of just about anything, and I'd like the pleasure of his company.
    Plus all this stuff is hypothetically speaking of course. In reality I think in the event of a zombie invasion, or any civil unrest for that matter. Its usually the one with a big head that goes down first. Its all about luck.

    moth Dec 25 '09, 12:19AM
  • hellow i think it rocks beacause i got a 97 percent lol!!!!

    jackycrack Dec 10 '09, 10:17AM
  • Seriously this test does blow!!! 60%. Listen im a beast i would kill every zombie in my neighborhood before they even get to my house. oyu know why?? well im the best freakin sniper in my neighborhood. The zombies wouldnt even know what hit them!! plus if they do get to my house they better bring a crap load of others to be able to bring me down. Im a beast you cant touch this!!!!!

    Beast Dec 4 '09, 8:22AM
  • he hasnt got his facts write, i can read max brooks zombie survival guide blidfolded and i get 40%, it didnt have enough options (i will stay and defend my home when the apocalypse comes) i live on the top of a hill with a farm in the back yard. i agree with hinata hyuga, we'll see you ALL when its over, (any one intrested enough in the zombie subject prepared to take a test must know quite a bitt about the subject and YOU'LL yes YOU will survive, infact everyone whos commented or taken the test will survive.

    bjwhbcohbo Nov 28 '09, 5:21AM
  • 40% and i got heads this quiz sucks! "heads you live,tails you die" I GOT HEADS!!!

    shaymonthisquiz Nov 27 '09, 9:51PM
  • LOL you dont know s---. Ill have your head when the outbreak happens

    dfhgfkjkhfhgk Nov 2 '09, 11:22PM

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