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  • this is a dumb quiz - not based on real zombie facts!!! learn about zombies

    S542 Oct 1 '11, 9:28PM
  • 0% lol.......

    lemmins9 Sep 20 '11, 10:45PM
  • 37% lets run the list I have weapons firearms (with ammo), blunt weapons, and edged weapons, I have rocky mountains (steepest base to top in the world) in my back yard, I have supplies and Know how to survive in said mountains for months to years, so unless your zombies can climb cliffs, or fly I'm safe.
    p.s. solo is retarded, you need someone to watch your back unless you plan on praying nothing gets you in your sleep.

    arbormike Sep 19 '11, 10:26PM
  • 2%!!!

    happycat Sep 14 '11, 6:11PM
  • 33%
    f--- you.
    Ive read so many zombie books, my dad taught me how to use firearms. I have so many ways to get food and make things into weapons. I've mastered left 4 dead 12

    blahblah1234 Sep 3 '11, 8:28PM
  • Wow ur a stupid creator I frickin just did a zombie test and they said that there is no chance for me to die it would take a nucleur holocuast to take me off the face of the earth!!!LMFAO

    subzeroXGE Apr 15 '11, 12:09AM
  • You are 27% likely to survive

    sorry but no. i've taken at least 5 other zombie quizes with MUCH better questions & answers and i got at least 75%+ on them any way i know karate, i have loads of weapons of my dads close by, i could probably drive a car, motor bike i took some random class on how to make a fire and find food in the wilderness and where i live there are so few people here here there would be like no threat!!!

    Kazing Apr 3 '11, 4:31AM
  • 12% -.- Ur an idiot stupid fricken creator what is the ansures if you're so "smart" then what are they? How would YOU survive? Psh I bet you wouldn't last a second in a zombie attack!! On another test I got I would last 8 months! Try to beat that "creator"! And YEAH that WAS a challenge... DON'T let my DEMON self escape me... >:) *GRR* and if you try to "get" me on here... YOU WOULDN'T LAST ME... MOUSE-BRAINED FREAK!!!! Yeah my demon can take over alright! >:) Hahahaha! *does a demonic laugh*

    XxRaintailxX Apr 3 '11, 4:15AM
  • 99% hurray and with my superior intellectual thinking it will go to 109% (yes i can go over the maximum i'm that great)

    p0j0426 Mar 22 '11, 7:39AM
  • Hang out in your school if you want to survive prefferably your science room so you can open the gas valves and blow it up for a quick getaway wink wink.

    zombieraper2011 Mar 8 '11, 1:53PM
  • ah common !
    I always got 35 and my brothers .
    only my cousins got 100 .

    Chicksman Feb 25 '11, 11:38AM
  • this quiz is stupid. i do muscle and agility practises every second day but who the f--- exersices for more than 105 minutes? Its stupid to cross the 45 minute limit in your exercises.

    Oskari Dec 23 '10, 5:04PM
  • this quiz is stupid. i do muscle and agility practises every second day but who the f--- exersices for more than 105 minutes? Its stupid to cross the 45 minute limit in your exercises.

    Oskari Dec 23 '10, 5:02PM
  • i got 92% i got im one of the people who is a survour

    zombiekiller09 Dec 19 '10, 9:19PM
  • Oh and @evilkitten and @zombiemower
    Dirty cheaters! Someone named "evilkitten" doesn't have army survival training, or anything close to that, same goes for "zombiemmower" I'd bet that ou guys have a combined weight of over 750 pounds. Dirty cheating nerds. I got a 67% which is better than 90% of the non-cheaters. I have had no military experience and I'll admit that for the sake of seeing my REAL score based on the test, however inacurate it may be. And in the case of the test: Even if you're a military specialist with 15 years experience, it still relies on luck mainly. The military veteran may die before the old lady, it mainly matters where you are. No matter who you are (chuck Norris being the only exception) you can't fight off 20,000+ zombies with your bare hands, or even a machine gun with more ammo than humanly possible to carry. Because the point of zombies is they swarm, even a military veteran can't shoot 300 zombies running at him with only 30 bullets in a clip.

    /end rant

    VOID5150 Nov 26 '10, 10:20AM
  • I partially agree with whoever it is who said: It's just a quiz, it's not real. Maybe there'll be a real zombie apocalypse and then you'll be able to see for sure, but until then shutup. Or something like that. I agree, I also agree with you saying "and all the 12 year olds who think they'd survive because they would shoot their mom to live" or whatever: I mostly agree, I agree with what you're saying about that not making you survive, however a zombie apocalypse isnt the time for "Don't worry, even though you're bit, I'm sure you'll be fine. Lemme give you a nice big hug now." it's the time for, "Youre bit, you're already dead to me now." if they're bit, they're a liability and no matter who they are you must put them down when it's time, because you may hesitate before shooting the zombified little girl next door, but she won't. Say I'm just trying to sound cool, but I'm saying: in that situation are you saying that you wouldn't shoot?
    One more complaint: You're quiz obviously idolizes military training, what about us country people who grew up with guns, knives, axes, machetes, chainsaws, ect. Around them all the time?

    VOID5150 Nov 26 '10, 12:48AM
  • i suck 14%

    gizmo624 Nov 21 '10, 1:06AM
  • 100% hELL YEAH!

    EVIL KITTEN1234 Nov 15 '10, 4:21AM
  • 100%

    EVIL KITTEN1234 Nov 15 '10, 4:14AM
  • i know you suck

    zombiemower Oct 29 '10, 5:46PM
  • suck lmao...dumb quiz >_

    kRaZiE Loki Oct 28 '10, 3:21AM
  • u guys suck

    zombiemower Oct 6 '10, 2:56PM

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