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  • You are 9% likely to survive 9%

    You obviously do not realize Z-Day will not be a Hollywood adventure. Go out and get some life experience before the Zombies come and end what little you already have.

  • 37% bull crap. half the questions were extremely unlikely for only grown ups and completely arrogant to what you might actually do. i would survive i already have plans even though it is just a joke between the family it's worth something. this quiz was rigged for people like arm men

  • 12% -.- Ur an idiot stupid fricken creator what is the ansures if you're so "smart" then what are they? How would YOU survive? Psh I bet you wouldn't last a second in a zombie attack!! On another test I got I would last 8 months! Try to beat that "creator"! And YEAH that WAS a challenge... DON'T let my DEMON self escape me... >:) *GRR* and if you try to "get" me on here... YOU WOULDN'T LAST ME... MOUSE-BRAINED FREAK!!!! Yeah my demon can take over alright! >:) Hahahaha! *does a demonic laugh*

  • theres more weapons than just guns and melee you know...

    just because you think your so smart knowing how to use a big gun. and what exactly does electronics have to do with anything? id love to fight you. your so cool with your big gun. well lets just see how well u fare when someone replaces that shotgun or ak with a katana. let me tell u somthing. ud get D.E.S.T.R.O.Y.E.D so shut up. 24%. up yours buddy.

  • Uh what!? I only get 35 percent!? Even if you get many weapons, they are useless! They'll only drag you down. Having too many people in your team will only result in more casualties! The less the better!

  • 37% lets run the list I have weapons firearms (with ammo), blunt weapons, and edged weapons, I have rocky mountains (steepest base to top in the world) in my back yard, I have supplies and Know how to survive in said mountains for months to years, so unless your zombies can climb cliffs, or fly I'm safe.

    p.s. solo is retarded, you need someone to watch your back unless you plan on praying nothing gets you in your sleep.

  • Unless the creator actually cheats and gives himself like he can bench press 250 and exercises 500+ a week. In weight class he'd put himself in 120-130 probably, but that is if he does cheat.

  • 17% that's so lame. I'm pretty sure i could actually survive but this quiz had limited options... one quizzes that had better options I've got Bad@$$ or total zombie domination or stuff like that...

  • i know i am blowing up with comments but i realized another things. the maker of the quiz said that things like swords and machetes wouldn't sount but that is crap because those are some of the best things to use and he or she shouldn't limit them from the quiz

  • the questions were actually pretty realistic but i wish the maker would have made it so that anybody could take it and get accurate results so i will make a quiz like this if you see this look up zombie apocalypse survival quiz

  • Hang out in your school if you want to survive prefferably your science room so you can open the gas valves and blow it up for a quick getaway wink wink.

  • It sucked. Sorry, but it was confusing at times(all the unneeded explanations), and i don't think you know what you're talking about.

  • Hey IHeartDedZmbs,

    You r a freakin noob. I still run 2 miles in under 13 minutes, and I been out the army for almost a year. Its called a standard, look it up.

    Research before you comment douche nozzle.

  • This is stupid...i kept going back to see what the "RIGHT" answers were...and obviously some 17 or 18 year old kid made this. Accordin to this person... someone 18yrs or younger has a 1% chance MORE survival rating than a 25 to 30 year old. HA! OK! Gay.

  • I took the quiz twice and answered all of the questions the same except for the male/female..I am a female

    male results:50%
    female results:42%

  • wtf 39%
    here are some reasons
    -AWESOME swimmer
    -knows ADVANCED first aid
    -knows how to operate firearm
    -knows how to operate dirtbike (own 2)
    and atv (own1)
    -im 11 and can drive a car can operate
    a boat
    -very loyal and trustwothy
    -well im awesome
    that is why i dont deseve 39%

  • Girls should have the same chances as boys. Boys might be stronger or whatever, but girls are quicker and *names a bunch of skills*

  • Hmm well i have friends that use swords and bows and im pretty smart with death,zombies,and wounds i think well survive

  • I answered it truthfully the first time. didn't get a very good score. so i decided to answer all the questions with the best answers. 77%. yeah right. what a fake test. i think anyone with a score between 20% and 30% have a better chance of living.

  • Most of that stuff I have no experience with, but melee weapons and boats are probably what I'd have my best chance at living with.

    By the way, 26%? WTF?

  • I got 22%. It says it all really.

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  • What percent of the population in zombie times is a zombie? Over 75%? That means that most of us will have less than a 25% chance to live no matter what.

  • Wow ur a stupid creator I frickin just did a zombie test and they said that there is no chance for me to die it would take a nucleur holocuast to take me off the face of the earth!!!LMFAO

  • lol i only got 7% chance of survival! its only because the person didnt put my plan on th quiz! when Z-Day comes, i plan to pack up, get a plane ticket w/ my family & friends, and go 2 london! duh!! ya,im a wimp when it comes 2 survival

  • wow really?! 25%? in the walking dead im older than carl i can drive stick, i know how to operate any firearm. i am a black belt in karate. i can hunt, fish, and can cook. this quiz is B.S.!!!!!!


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