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  • You know what, this quiz sucks. I mean, you DON'T need to know all of that to survive. Honestly, I would rather have a knife handy than a firearm during an actual Zombie Apocalypse because guess what? GUNS. FREAKING. RUN. OUT. OF. AMMO.

    And to be honest, almost no ordinary citizen would qualify in all of those questions. Even a man/woman serving in the Armed Forces most likely would not have an axe, mace, or heavy firearms in their house.

    I'd be curious to see if the creator of this quiz would survive.

    cazzygamer Sep 29 '14, 9:16AM
  • What I want to know is how long the creator of this would survive I doubt it would be anything special plus in survival there are no wrong answers never hesitate stand strong be brave be valiant and go for the head if it came to survival I wouldn't need a quiz not like they would give me an answer worth anything that's swimming in my mind I have a plan and if they say it's 35% they have no clue in my mind it's 100% so have fun if the day ever comes for survival won't see me taking a s--- quiz

    Dovahkiin May 16 '14, 1:02AM
  • I am 5% likely to survive. Sounds accurate.

    crazyglittergirl Dec 23 '13, 3:40PM
  • I am over 200 pounds, not that ruthless, and I live in an apartment in L.A. Of course I have 11%.

    UndefinedPerson Jul 28 '13, 1:21PM
  • holy crap!!! i got 87% it said its fair enough for you to survive a hole year if keep training.

    ghostshot113 Jun 26 '13, 1:59PM
  • holy crap!!! i got 87% it said its fair enough for you to survive a hole year if keep training.

    ghostshot113 Jun 26 '13, 1:58PM
  • 31% I'm screwed!

    d7smartgirl Apr 5 '13, 5:12PM
  • Noooooo 10% Im doomed.

    BGB64 Mar 9 '13, 1:23AM
  • 7%? WHAT THE HELL?! I said some good answers and all I got was 7%? You, sir have no idea what you are talking about.

    virusveteran2000 Mar 2 '13, 8:41PM
  • 50% it said. Flip a coin it said. Heads you live Tails you die it said. What it didn't say was do you live on a steap mountain with one pass that is blocked off when ever i want it to be.It didn't say do you have a secret underground bunker with military grade pimped out vehicles plus with extensive labyrinth like mazes running all through the mountain with detailed digital maps of the labyrinths with additional weapons and food/water supplies with extensive amounts of medical supplies and fuel for the vehicles with a contact network of military, ex-military, police and specialized weapons handlers.

    Rhodry Oct 12 '12, 6:14AM
  • i know i am blowing up with comments but i realized another things. the maker of the quiz said that things like swords and machetes wouldn't sount but that is crap because those are some of the best things to use and he or she shouldn't limit them from the quiz

    Mrdork68 Aug 6 '12, 6:04PM
  • the questions were actually pretty realistic but i wish the maker would have made it so that anybody could take it and get accurate results so i will make a quiz like this if you see this look up zombie apocalypse survival quiz

    Mrdork68 Aug 6 '12, 6:02PM
  • 37% bull crap. half the questions were extremely unlikely for only grown ups and completely arrogant to what you might actually do. i would survive i already have plans even though it is just a joke between the family it's worth something. this quiz was rigged for people like arm men

    Mrdork68 Aug 6 '12, 5:56PM
  • The way I see it. No one know's what Zombies are capable of there is no real facts. Zombie's are not real. Okay, I'll beleive it when I see it. And it really shouldn't matter if your phisically fit ot not, if faced with a life or death situation, people have adrenaline that will kick in to get the hell away from danger unless of course or disabled then I guess your screwed unless someone helps you or your Speedy McGee in your wheel-chair. Either way I really don't believe there is or ever will be Zombies. If God decided it was time He wanted that person dead then their dead. He ain't gonna be like "Oh I think he/she should live a little longer let's bring them back." Stupid there's no reason to get mad and no "facts" that you speak of, cause it's all CRAP. Thank You ;)

    slow_motion95 May 19 '12, 12:41AM
  • in another quiz i was rated to survive 6months to a year

    Arbiter008 May 3 '12, 4:37PM
  • iwill last a week then zombies will kill me

    zombiw killer Apr 6 '12, 11:55AM
  • Quiz is the best ever! It's so realistic.

    Tripod dildo Mar 25 '12, 5:52PM
  • this quiz sucked

    zeronightshade Jan 12 '12, 8:08PM
  • completely sucks. Try Will you survive a zombie outbreak from wkwkwkwk1

    wkwkwkwk1 Dec 24 '11, 1:42PM
  • 3% lol this is the stupidest test i've seen go get some real facts

    da don 4 life Dec 17 '11, 4:44AM
  • 46% for me eh? I am an ex-military diver, I went to military survival school, I collect firearms, I have a go-bag by my door, I make sure my car is always filled with gas, I have a 1 month supply of food and water, I have an extensive medical kit and am an EMT, I have maps showing alternate routes to my uncles rural farm, I run a 7 minute mile, my girlfriend is an MD. This quiz is bunk.

    axolotl Dec 2 '11, 9:31PM
  • I answered it truthfully the first time. didn't get a very good score. so i decided to answer all the questions with the best answers. 77%. yeah right. what a fake test. i think anyone with a score between 20% and 30% have a better chance of living.

    Durkle Oct 30 '11, 1:36PM

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