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  • "Ah, dang it... I confided in my sister that I kissed a girl. And I am one. x_x I don't think she's going to keep that "
  • the game
    "*high-fives Alana* Might as well make others lose, too, eh? Oh...crap... I LOST THE GAME... AGAIN! "
  • the game
    "Ah, dang it, I already knew about the game. I had gone for like an entire week now, too. I LOST THE GAME! "
  • Paramore VS Flyleaf
    "Wow...Haha, that's hard. Well, I know Paramore a lot better, but both bands tend to blow me away. But, I guess I gotta say Flyleaf ^_^ "
  • Death Note
    "OMK, I've been dying to get a Light plushie T.T Aww, you're so lucky. Well, there's always Ebay >.> I wonder if they have an"
  • Favorite characters?
    "AND MATT! Ah, how could I forget about Matt? >:| He's made of awesome. So, in that case, I'm too lazy to pick between BB, L, Light, Matt, Me..."
  • Favorite characters?
    "@Anastasia; It's an awesome series ^.^ Has a lot of plot twists, but it's rather dark for some people. Do you know about it yet? :3"
  • Kingdom Hearts
    "The Heartless are awesome~~! :P Well, yeah, they're still bad guys, but... I can't help but love Axel :3 But, did anybody el"
  • "Cool~~ I could have sworn I saw it in one of the local stores a few months ago(of course, that was before I read it), and didn't really take..."
  • Kingdom Hearts
    "Kingdom Hearts is epic! :D Got it memorized? ;) Lawlz, my best friend introduced me to it quite a while back. It was sooo much"
  • "That is really cool! Aw, you're lucky; I never dream. But, gosh, you totally should write a book about th..."
  • "Anyway, that book was really awesome for me~! :D I stayed up all night so I could finish the entire book. I think I'm going to re-read it so..."
  • Favorite characters?
    "Hm... Light Yagami or L- Death Note Lucy- Elfen Lied Rena- Higurashi no Naku Koro ni ...Lawlz, idk. =w="
  • Lilium
    "Lilium is this really beautiful song from Elfen Lied. If you've never heard if it, please go listen to it and tell what you think about it. ..."
  • "Um, Sailor, would you care to elaborate on that? I mean, it's not like if you're gay then you think every single person of your same gender ..."

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