Are you a huge anime freak?

There are TONS of anime freaks in the world, and to take this quiz, your ONE OF US!! Lolz sory my first quiz i know it want good but ow ell thanks for taking it glad u did yeah okay bye

You an anime 24/7 anime freak, or 2 MINUTE aniem freak? Take the quiz and find out using this to take up charecters XD not working why wont it work must make workt or else die whaaa i cry ignore this

Created by: Halley

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  1. How old is Light Yagami (Death Note) When he dies?
  2. Why did Lucy (Elfen Lied) turn bad?
  3. Why is Deidara (Naruto Shippuuden) so HAWT?!
  4. In the anime Lucky Star,who's the girl with the blue hair?
  5. In Lucky Star,Who's the teen with the anger issues?
  6. (D.Gray-man) In the Noah clan, what's the names of the twins, and whats their gender?
  7. (D.Gray-man,Road's Song) "The ______Earl is searching... Searching for a precious ___ Let's ____ to see if you are it" wat r the missing words?
  8. Who's gonna be king of the pirates?!(One Piece)
  10. (Death Note) "I'll take a potatoe chip....______!!!!" who says that, and whats the end of the sentence?
  11. Os Iusti Meditabitur Sapinentiam Et Lingua Eius Loguetur Iudicium Beatus Vir Qui Sufferet Tentationem Quianiom Cum Probatus Fureit Attacpeit Toronam Vitae Kyrie,Ignis,Divine,Eleison. O Quam Santra Quam Serene Quam Benigna Quam Amoena O Castitas Lilium.

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Quiz topic: Am I a huge anime freak?