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  • Cool~! I'm normal. But, the only anime I didn't know on hear was D.Gray man. In fact, I only know a few animes. X3 I love Death Note, Elfen Lied, and Naruto. I know only a little of Lucky Star, though ;_; I just know that's Konata's hair is blue x_x Lol, on the Elfen Lied song question, I only got it because I saw 'O Quam Santra, O Quam Serene', and that's my favorite part of the song. ^_^ Anyway, cool quiz~!

    Zetsu Girl 13
  • I used to be a Narutard and a Lucky Star worshipper, and thank gawd I got a normal human being.

    And people that have crushes on cartoons srsly need to grow up imo.

  • wow how I got normal person beats me. I heart death note, dgray man, lucky star, etc. XD and anime crushed r not lame XP

  • anime dork. no i'm not. the only anime i watch that was mentioned on this quiz is naruto.

  • i barely knew anything on here...XDXD yeah i only watch naruto...

  • normal human anima what i didnt know 1/2 of this lol i got confused


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