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  • And my name is....
    "Yeah, I'm easily distracted, and I guess a bit of that gets into my writing; I'll try toget better at it. Transitions are a problem for me, ..."
  • And my name is....
    "Thanks again for helping, and no, there are no explosions in what I write; mostly it's poems and essays, with one self-analysis thrown in fo..."
  • "No, really guys, I still haven't thought of anything good. Help would be really nice! Please?"
  • "Okay, so, as a way to keep as from being bored/lazy/annoying over the summer, my mom's given us a challange; we have to paint something, som..."
  • hi there x
    "Hello hello! Could anyone suggest a good book? Anytime I ask someone, they just say Twilight."
  • hi there x
    "PM me on ff. My name is Blather Brumble. I think. Well, it's close to that, anyway. I'll be your unofficiall beta! Isn't Sheep Day f"
  • hi there x
    "Today is Sheep Day! On this wonderful holiday, you have to do three things, all of them including SHEEP! You could go Baa at someone, draw a..."
  • hi there x
    "He mostly writes creepy stuff, but it's really interesting, so it makes up for it. Just Google his name and something'll pop up. "
  • hi there x
    "Hi there! I'm Poppy, the magical flying unicorn! Or something. Nice to meet you! Hey, you ever read anything by Darren Shan?"

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