How Texan Are You?

Are you Texan? Do you, or have you ever, lived in Texas? Do you have passable knowlege about this great state? Find out by taking this amaaaaaaaazingly easy quiz!

I really have nothing to say in this part, so.... Random person taking this, will you marry me? No?! BUT I THOUGH YOU LOVED ME!! Was everything you said a li- oh hey look, I got to the limit. Why are you still reading this? Take the quiz!

Created by: The Popolisk

  1. Does everyone in Texas own- or at least know how to ride- a horse?
  2. True or false- cowboy hats/boots, jeans, and giant belt buckles are worn by everyone, everywhere.
  3. Well, that last answer brings me to my next question; do most if not all Texans own/know how to shoot a gun.
  4. Who was Sam Houston?
  5. Two famous battle cries used in the later stages of the Texas Revolution?
  6. Words like ain't, y'all, and howdy are used all the time and considered proper grammar, yes?
  7. True or false- most of Texas is in the country/is ranchland, and any towns are small and old-fashioned.
  8. Texas' state flower is...
  9. State bird?
  10. All of these were pretty easy if you're a Texan, but here's one everybody should know: On whose side was Texas on during thi Civil War?

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