what political party are you?

this quiz is designed to see what political party you are most like-conservative, labour, liberal democrat, UKIP or green. these parties have different viewpoints to how the country should be run.

choose whichever option is closest to your opinion, even if you disagree with that option, but the closest to your opinion. do not take your result to be 100% accurate and don't let this quiz affect your vote.

Created by: George

  1. A man murders his wife:what should we do about this.
  2. how should our education system work?
  3. how should we run our health system?
  4. European union-should we leave or stay.
  5. what should we do about Gay marriage?
  6. what do you think about right-wingers
  7. what do you think about left-wingers?
  8. where should we get our energy from?
  9. what should we do about those who are unemployed?
  10. what should we do about health and safety issues?

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Quiz topic: What political party am I?