Remember the future part 15 Paying a little visit

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Recap: You all went to Cherry Bomb, a dance club and you got Ashlyn and Evelyn to agree to give you their dad's gadgets. The only catch, they have to come with you to fight N.E.O.N. You agreed, and Carol flipped out. Later on you found a N.E.O.N tracker cube. You went to warn the guys and you overheard Warren and Noah bonding (Warren was drunk). You managed to get everyone but it was too late, N.E.O.N already came with their army out to get you. Thanks to a distraction from the twins (and their rocket launcher) you were able to fend off N.E.O.N's soldiers long enough to find the car and get everyone in... except Noah. You ran back into the battlefield to find Noah but he was trapped. The soldier threatened to kill Noah unless you came quietly to see Dr. Grey.

You were only given three seconds to decide and in that time Noah mouthed the words "I love you" before the soldier pulled the trigger. Overcome with anger and defeat you used your powers to freeze the bullet in time and it hung in midair. Noah beat up the soldier but the use of your power made you really weak and you passed out in Noah's arms. That's what happened on part 14. I know it's a lot to take in but trust me, it gets worse. So sit back, relax, and enjoy... Remember the future part 15 Paying a little visit

Created by: Missy Prissy Cat

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  1. (me: just a quick note, this is going to be longer than usual because I've been gone for a month and you guys deserve it so... hope you enjoy)
  2. “Rise mortal” you hear the light calling you. You see you’re lying down on a white tiled floor; you’re surrounded by white walls. You stand up and see there are no doors or windows, just white. You look at the light and see it’s dimmer than usual. “Where am I?” you ask. “Do not worry mortal, your physical body is sleeping peacefully on a couch. You are just dreaming” the light reassures you. “Oh… good because I thought I was dead for a second there” you say relieved. “Your powers have not reached the immensity to kill you yet” the light informs you. “YET?! You mean in the future I won’t be able to use my powers without killing myself?” you panic. “Indeed” “WHAT!!!” you exclaim. “It takes immense power to control the fabric of time and space. The fact that this power is bestowed to you is puzzling… but so far you have used it responsibly” the light admits.
  3. “Okay, so in that case what are you here to tell me?” you ask. “I have no further information to give you, I have summoned you because I want to answer your questions” the light explains. “Wait, so you’re not going to send me off to a battle zone or an explosion?” you ask. “Indeed” it answers. “Okay then, who are you?” you ask it. “You wish to know who I am? Interesting…” it remarks. “Just tell me!” you demand. “You already know who I am” it explains. “No I don’t” “Yes, you do. I’m your guiding light, your dream weaver, and your friend. That is who I am now, in the future I will be someone else… someone you will meet in the future” the light says softly. You feel immensely calm all of a sudden, and you believe the light.
  4. “Okay, I have another question. Will my friends be safe?” you ask. “That all depends on the future” the light explains. “But in one of my dreams they all died in front of me!” you exclaimed. “Yes, I was showing you my vision of the future” it states. “Wait, so they’re all going to die?!” you panic. “Yes…” the light states. Suddenly you feel dizzy and you sit on the ground. Tears well up in your eyes and you try desperately to hold them back. “Can I stop them from dying?” you ask. “No” the light states. You feel your body trembling and you taste your tears sliding down your cheeks. Flashes of that nightmare came back from the deepest corners of your memory. Warren’s corpse covered in dirt and ash, Devin buried under rocks with his blood oozing from his body, Seth’s body lying down in plain sight his lips sealed forever, Noah’s body lying face down… you didn’t want to see his dead face anyways. “I can’t stop them from dying” you whisper to yourself.
  5. “Mortal, death is not always physical” it explains to you. You swallow and stare at the white pristine floor “you mean they’re not going to die?” you ask. “Not necessarily, my visions are not usually literal and your friends deaths could mean something else entirely… but whatever the vision means, it will happen to them” it explains. “I hope they’re not going to literally die then” you mutter. “I have doubts about them literally dying since most of them are immortal… I’m not so certain about your other friend” the light muses. Carol’s death, you remembered her pale cold skin, her shocked expression, and worst of all her dead eyes staring back at you. Gritting your teeth you state “Carol is not going to die”. “It is a possibility” the light inquires. “SHE’S NOT GOING TO DIE!!!” you yell at the light. “I don’t care what I have to do, Carol is my best friend and she sacrificed everything to help me. I’m not going to let her die, not in the past, present, or future!” you scream at the light as if it’s responsible for all of this.
  6. “I am sorry I have upset you mortal… but there is a reason why I am showing you these visions of the future” it says calmly. You’re quiet as you wait for it to explain, it floats over to you and it starts getting dimmer and dimmer. “I have had a constant vision of you since I was born. In that vision you are standing at a podium and you declare that the war of survival is over… and I’m… I’m…” the light is getting dimmer and dimmer, you start to worry it’s going to disappear completely but it whispers to you “… I’m standing beside you” finally it disappears and the white walls and the floor are fading away before your eyes.
  7. You wake up to the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking. You want to get up but you feel as if you’re strapped to the sofa. You check just to make sure, and sure enough you just have a few blankets on you. “Oh you’re up, and just in time. I almost done with the cookies for you kids” you hear Fuchsia’s voice from the kitchen. “Why did you make cookies?” you ask. Your voice sounds like you’re gargling marbles so it sounds more like “whhu do you muke cookies?” “Oh dear, you need more of my tonic” Fuchsia rushes to get a little unlabeled bottle. “It’s my family recipe, it’s completely organic and good for you. Unlike that fancy stuff they sell in the stores” she says as she’s feeding you a dose.
  8. Immediately you feel your throat clearing up and you sit up. “Thanks Fuchsia” you say perfectly clear. “Don’t thank me, thank my family. You feeling okay to sit at the table or do you want to rest up a bit more?” she asks. “No I’m fine. What time is it?” you ask. “It’s eight ‘o’ clock sweet heart, you have two hours until you need to meet up with those sour plums. Noah told me everything when you all got back. Everyone was really worried about you sweetie. Although it was nothing I couldn’t handle. I’ve seen people in worse condition than you” she says while getting the cookies. “Really?” you ask. “Oh yes my dear, my mother was a healer. She had patients coming in this close to death, and cured them in a matter of days” Fuchsia says with enthusiasm. “So she taught you?” you ask. “Oh yes, of course I couldn’t be as good as her even if I tried. She only taught me so her recipes lived on, but she knew I wouldn’t follow in her footsteps exactly. I’m too much of an adventurer… which I guess is what got me in this N.E.O.N mess to begin with” Fuchsia admits sadly. “Why did you go into N.E.O.N anyways?” you ask.
  9. “Well my dear, I only did it to provide for Noah. When he told me… well I just had to take him in. But I was running low for money. N.E.O.N had heard of my skills in martial arts and the sort, so they offered me a job I couldn’t refuse. They told me N.E.O.N stands for New Electronic Online Nanosoftware, what a bunch of nonsense. I never knew what was in there, but because they had a lot of security I assumed it was some technology things. Of course, I was wrong because when I finally went into the building because I needed my memory erased… well all I can remember was thinking “this stuff must be worth millions” after I got fired I kept trying to remember what they erased… but my mind is so old I’m surprised I still remember my own name” she tells you. “Is there anything you can remember?” you ask her intrigued. “Sweetie I’m afraid the only thing I remember is an overhead light loaming over my head” she says sadly. Suddenly you remember something from your dreams, when N.E.O.N took you in after everyone died you were strapped to a giant metal chair and an overhead light… THE light, mocking and laughing at you when the crazy doctor… Dr. Grey!!! Suddenly in that little insignificant comment, light was shedding onto how N.E.O.N operated based on your dreams. “Fuchsia! That’s it, they use lights!!!” you stand up suddenly but you quickly get dizzy and sit back down. “What? I don’t understan-“ “-You saw an overhead light before you blacked out! In my dream of being captured I saw this light mocking me when I was under their control! The light in my dream showed me where the tracking cube was going to be at the party! The light was always controlling me in my dreams when it was informing me of N.E.O.N or upcoming danger” you babble on while Fuchsia listens with a look of realization forming on her face. “Fuchsia do you realize what this means! N.E.O.N can manipulate their enemies with nothing but lights!!!” you stand up slowly this time as your head is clearing up. “The strange thing is… the light was actually telling me these things. It knew light was important to the situation! It knew all along, and it even partially told me the Doctor’s name when the clouds turned grey in that dream when I got my necklace back… Fuchsia it told me EVERYTHING but I never even noticed… I just thought it was a crazy little insignificant light” you realize. “I-I-I have to thank it! Somehow I have to” you say immediately. “Well maybe you can do that later little missy, but right now you have to finish your cookie and let Noah and the rest of ‘em know you’re up” Fuchsia says handing you a plate of chocolate chip cookies. You pause and nod reasonably “you’re right, I don’t even know who the light is… I’ll do it though, it gave us information we’d never have” you say.
  10. “That’s true sweetie, I’ll go tell them you’re up. They were all worried sick about you, so was I but I know how to keep calm… so does that Warren fella too. He’s a little on the serious side if you ask me” she says. “Warren? Well… I don’t know a lot about him” you say. “That’s how some men are sweetie, they keep all their secrets locked. I know my husband was the same way” Fuchsia says dreamlike. “Your husband?” you asked. “Oh yes, he was a looker. All the girls wanted to be with him, but he wasn’t interested in girls… he just wanted to get good grades. He got bullied a lot too, that’s how I met him anyways. He was getting bullied and those jerk faced suckers were about to fight with him. I saw this and for some reason, I just blurted out “Stop!” like I had complete control over them. So they did the usual, “A girl has to defend you?” “You’re a moron” and “We’re not afraid to hit you” but instead of running I stood my ground. I told them that they were only making other people miserable and it was wrong of them to pick on Al. They were about to hit me but Alfred saved me by hurtling into the guy. They were about to attack but I defended him back. We both ran away when the three of ‘em were all on the ground and after that… I finally heard his voice. I’d never heard it before then, nobody talked to him and he never said a word during class. He had a lovely voice; it was calm and controlled but firm enough to make his point. I didn’t really want a boyfriend because I heard they were always cheating on you… but Al never really talked to anyone except me. He wasn’t clingy mind you, he preferred to be alone… but whenever he needed to talk to someone he’d always come to me… which is why people just assumed we were dating. When I finally got the courage to ask him out, we became best friends who just happened to be boyfriend and girlfriend. We had arguments, and he was a bit of a control freak at times, but we never hated each other for more than a day.”
  11. Fuchsia stopped suddenly with a sullen look on her face “To think he slipped away when he was needed the most…” she falters her words a little and you give her a big hug. “You don’t have to tell me Fuchsia” you say. “Oh what the heck, I’m going to cry anyways so I might as well. He died a long time ago from leukemia. He fought it for as long as he could but- I lost my best friend” she says to you, her tears raining down her wrinkled cheeks. “He died just before my daughter did… he would’ve been great with little Noah. He would’ve- he would’ve loved him as much as I do” Fuchsia says grabbing the Kleenex. You hug her tightly as she cries… it makes you remember what the light said about your friends possibly dying. “Sweet heart, I want to thank you for saving Noah’s life… you didn’t just save his life, you saved mine… because he’s all I have left” she says looking at you with pure respect in her youthful wise eyes. You feel your tears welling up in your eyes but you wipe them away with the Kleenex Fuchsia has out. “I couldn’t live without Noah either… he’s too precious” you say. Fuchsia hugs you and you hear footsteps coming towards you both. You see it’s Warren with a half-smile on his face. “Warren!” you say immediately. “Hey ______, you feeling better?” he asks you. You run up to him and hug him tightly crying into his chest. “Are you okay what happened?” he asks. “I just need to hold you” you say.
  12. You hug him for five more minutes until you finally calm down. “Where are the others?” you ask him. “They’re outside practicing their powers, why?” he asks. “I have information on N.E.O.N!” you say to him. Immediately he uses his super speed and runs outside and calls everyone inside. Everyone comes in and listens intently, you tell them what you’ve found out about N.E.O.N and the connection with the light in your dreams. You don’t tell them about your recent dream though… you don’t want them to panic. They’re all very impressed with your discovery. “It does make sense, especially since their name is N.E.O.N that’s a big hint” Devin says rolling his eyes. “We have to go to the twins and get the weapons. I’m tired of N.E.O.N always terrorizing us with their stupid name and their crazy soldiers!” Carol says putting her hands on her hips. “Right, the faster we take them down the better!” Devin joins in. “Hey guys, let’s not lose our heads. We have to think of a plan first.” Warren points out. “Here’s our plan Warren, destroy their base, and get the heck out of there” Carol says like she’s in charge. “No…” Seth says in the back. You all turn to face him and his face becomes sullen and serious. “We can destroy their base, but that will do nothing. They’ll come back to fight us, and they’ll probably be stronger than weaker. No… we need to kill the source, we have to kill Dr. Grey. That soldier told you that you’d go to Dr. Grey if you surrendered. She’s probably behind all of this… I heard all of their thoughts while I was fighting them off and they all had to do with Dr. Grey” Seth explains. “The only way we’re going to take down N.E.O.N is if we kill Dr. Grey” Seth states. “We don’t have a lot of proof for that claim” Warren points out. “The thoughts of those soldiers, plus the soldier threatening ________ to come to Dr. Grey is more than enough… evidence doesn’t always have to be solid Warren… sometimes it’s just the truth” Seth says boldly. You all blink in shock at how Seth is standing up for himself.
  13. “Well then, I guess it’s settled. We’d better go to the twins and get those weapons they promised us” Warren orders everyone. “Oh joy, another visit from the clingy chicks” Devin grumbles. You giggle a little bit and you see the same gleam in his eye from when you first met him. “Is that what you think of them?” you ask. “Yup, secret’s out” he jokes. You all check for cubes on the car and then leave to go to the address they gave you. Warren parks right in front of a massive mansion with a grand marble walk way and a gorgeous floral garden. “Oh my god… Warren why couldn’t we get this mansion?” Devin complains. “Devin can you focus for five seconds? We’re here for business” Warren reminds everyone. “Oooh look it’s a duck!” Carol points at a duck swimming in the pond. The pond reminded you of your first date with Noah, you look at him and you can see he’s reminiscing about it. The way he held you, the way you heard the music surround you, the way he kissed you under the stars… you wanted to travel back in time and do it all again. Of course you could, but since the last time you used your powers you blacked out you didn’t think that was a great idea. You decide to hold Noah’s hand instead, and smile at him. “Thanks… for everything” you say to him. “You were the one who saved my life, why are you thanking me?” he asks puzzled. “I’m not talking about that night…” you gaze at the pond with the duck swimming around innocently and smile “… I’m talking about our night” you say to him. You and him walk away from the pond and you all get to the front door.
  14. Warren promptly knocks on the massive white doors and a balding butler answers the door. “Excuse me good sir, but who are you?” the butler asks in an unassuming voice. “Hello, we’re here for Ashlyn and Evelyn” Warren explains to the butler. “They’re busy at the moment, can I take a message” the butler offers rolling his eyes. “BUSY?! Who do these girls think they are!!!” Carol exclaims outraged. She pushes back the door and yells as loud as she can (which for Carol is pretty loud) through the doors “GET YOUR BUTTS DOWN HERE YOU TWO, OR ELSE I’LL STAPLE ALL YOUR OUTFITS TOGETHER AND THROW THEM IN A VOLCANO!!!” Carol threatens. “Excuse me young lady-“ “It’s Carol thank you very much, they told us to come at ten and here we are, so they have to get their powdered little faces over here NOW” Carol demands grabbing the guy but the shirt collar. “Y-y-yes miss, I’ll see to it” the butler backs away and rushes inside scared out of his wits. “Whoa, I didn’t know you had that in you Carol” Warren says impressed. “Ha, I did. You should see her when she gets floss at the dentist’s house for Halloween” you say. “Well I just didn’t think he was getting in the spirit… and he wasn’t even my dentist!” Carol points out.
  15. Just then the butler opens the door and you see Ashlyn and Evelyn perfectly ready wearing blue and pink matching outfits (as usual). “Thank you Larry, let them in” Evelyn says in her nasally voice. “We can let ourselves in thank you very much” you say annoyed. You all walk in and you see the inside is huge with massive pictures of the twins at various places and countries. You all follow them through the hallways and down the grand stair cases looking at all the massive pictures of the twins placed literally everywhere. You couldn’t see an adult in any of the pictures and you wondered where their father was all the time. “So you two live here?” Devin asks. “Yeah, it’s so gorgeous right?” Ashlyn cuts in before her sister can.
  16. As you’re walking you see this massive ebony door with golden vines decorated on it. You raise an eyebrow at it but you catch up with the rest of the group. “Hey what’s behind that ebony door?” you ask. “Oh, that’s our dad’s quarters. We can’t go in there because he’s doing work stuff” Evelyn says uninterested. “Work stuff?” you inquire. “Yeah, you know business deals and all that other stuff. He doesn’t like to be disturbed… so I wouldn’t recommend going in there” Ashlyn says with a smirk. You look back at the door and raise an eyebrow. “What would happen if I went in there?” you ask. “I wouldn’t know, I’m not stupid enough to try” Ashlyn says smiling at you with satisfaction. You give her a dirty look but you all keep going down the hallway.
  17. Eventually you’re all standing in front of a giant metal door with a fingerprint scan security system. “Here we are… the weaponry room” Ashlyn announces with a mischievous grin on her face. She opens the metal door with a fingerprint scan and the door lifts open. You and everyone else’s jaws drop (except for the twins) at all the weapons hanging up on display, on shelves, and in special storage components. “Uh, did you ask your father for permission?” you ask. “Oh please, he doesn’t need to know. Besides even if we did ask him he’d lecture us for hours about how they work and how they’re expensive blah blah blah stuff that we already know” Ashlyn says looking at an arrangement of paralysing guns. “So what would happen if he found out?” Carol asks smiling evilly. “That’s easy, he’d ask who was responsible and we’d say you all convinced us. Then after that… well who knows, maybe he’d be generous and lock you all up in our dungeon” Ashlyn says glaring at Carol. “Yeah, so I wouldn’t get any ideas loser” Evelyn chimes in. “Yeah right, you expect me to believe that?” Carol asks crossing her arms. “We don’t, but unfortunately it’s true… you haven’t seen our dad” their grins felt like they weren’t kidding about their dad… and since you haven’t see any pictures you grab Carol’s shoulder and whisper “I don’t think they’re lying” “Oh please, they’re just making sure we don’t rat on them” Carol says.
  18. “No seriously, I mean haven’t you noticed there aren’t any pictures of their own dad around here” you say. “That’s so true” Ashlyn chimes in behind you both. You and Carol turn around and give her a dirty look. “Hey, you guys aren’t very good at keeping secrets you know” Evelyn points out. “Sure we are, nobody knows about my powers” you state. “Truuue, but the guys have let that one slip out of the bag” Ashlyn says waving a newspaper in front of your face. You grab it from her glittery polished fingers and stare in shock at the front cover. You see it’s the guys using their powers against the soldiers from last night and the title is ‘Superheroes save club invasion, who are they? Full story here’ “I can’t believe this!!!” Carol whines. “Don’t worry, they don’t know who we are, the pictures are all blurry” Devin points out. “Yeah, but they’re going to be looking for guys with powers… who resemble us pretty closely” Warren says pointing at the blurry pictures of them. “Yeash, you worry too much Warren. People aren’t going to believe this, and who reads the newspapers these days?” Devin says crumbling it up and chucking it in the recycling bin. “Also true, which is why there’s a whole bunch of videos on YouTube and I think Google news has it too” Evelyn says with a huge smile on her face. “WHAT” you all exclaim. “Don’t worry, they’re still blurry. Although the last time I checked the viewer count was five thousand nine hundred and eighty three” Ashlyn says giggling with her sister. “Lovely” Warren sighs. “OH MY GOSH I’M FINALLY A YOUTUBE STAR!!!” Devin celebrates jumping up and down excitedly. Noah scratches his head “YouTube… oh the video streaming website. I’ve seen it before, but it’s too confusing. Why would someone post our battle on that website?” Noah asks. “It’s the biggest video streaming website ever that’s why you stupid freak” Evelyn taunts him. “Hey, shut up. He’s not a stupid freak!” you say angrily. “Um yeah he is, if he doesn’t even understand YouTube he’s living in like another century” Ashlyn says looking at her nails. You’re about to lunge at her but Devin holds you back, “Look Ashlyn, can we just see the weapons you have?” Devin asks irritated with her. “Oh of course baby, anything you want” she says in a really flirty voice. He rolls his eyes and lets go of your arms.
  19. Ashlyn and Evelyn grab various weapons and gadgets from different parts of the room and pile them all on a table. When they’re all done they all turn off the lights and turn on a spot light on the table. “Now, listen carefully to us because we’re going to explain some important information okay babe” Ashlyn says to Devin in particular. “What’s the spotlight for?” Seth asks. “Dramatic effect, please leave all questions until after the instructions” Evelyn says in a matter of fact way. “So here we have the mini condenser microphone” Ashlyn holds up an MP3-like device with an antenna and a few buttons on it. “It’s for listening in on peoples conversations” she explains. “Oh we don’t need that, we have Seth” Warren says. Your eyes widen as Ashlyn looks at you gritting her teeth. “So that’s how you knew huh… you had your friend listen in on our conversation didn’t you?” she says clenching her fists. “No no no not at all, Warren’s just joking. We’ll take the microphone thingys” you insist. “They’re not thingys, it’s a mini condenser microphone. Haven’t you been listening?” Evelyn corrects you waving her pink polished finger in your face. “Can you please just continue?” Carol groans. “Right, the microphone connects to this micro radar tracking dish so you can zone in on a particular conversation” Ashlyn explains coolly holding up a little satellite dish with a handle attached to it. “Then there’s the four hundred to one zoom lens binoculars with infra-red capability for night vision” Evelyn explains holding up a very sleek pair of black binoculars. “State of the art high tension plastic wire and a di-steel pulley with nylon straps for maneuvering in vertically challenging situations” Ashlyn says pointing at the equipment. “Complete with a grappling hook” Evelyn chimes in twirling it around her fingers. “A mercenary level revolver with two different settings, paralyse and kill” Ashlyn holds up the gun. You can hear Seth gulp with fear at the sight of it. “A synchronized programmable glow in the dark watch. Set to Greenwich time and accurate to one ten thousandth of a second” Ashlyn hands out the expensive looking watches. “And it all fits into this really cool expert level secret agent utility belt” Evelyn holds out the high tech looking black belt. “Any questions?” Ashlyn asks. “Um, w-w-why do we need g-g-guns?” Seth stammers timidly. “Your powers aren’t stealthy at all guys. If you want to infiltrate this technological base, you’re going to have to use these. Otherwise you won’t make it past the first hallway if you’re shooting the guards with fire and water” Evelyn says in her grating voice. “Okay we’re done with the questions” Warren glares at Seth for making Evelyn talk. You can see Seth bite his lip in embarrassment.
  20. “Great, so let’s go to this so called N.E.O.N” Evelyn says packing all of the gadgets and weapons. “What does that even stand for?” Ashlyn asks. “We don’t know, all we know is that there’s crazy soldiers, they control their enemies with light, and its run by Dr. Grey” Noah explains. “Psh, this’ll be cake” Evelyn rolls her eyes and hands out the belts with the equipped gadgets to everyone. “Well their army did attack your party, and you guys had to resort to using a rocket launcher” you point out. “Yeah, that’s the only other reason we’re helping you guys. Those guys totally ruined our party, although they’re nothing compared to what we’ve been up against” Ashlyn explains rubbing her temples. “Where did you get your practice anyways?” Carol asks. “Our Dad wants us to be able to defend ourselves if we’re ever in trouble. Since we’re both so good looking some guys might get the idea that they can take advantage of us” Evelyn explains. “Yeah, but since we’ve been trained in martial arts and judo all our lives I doubt they’d be able to speak after we’re done with them” Ashlyn says slyly grinning. “Yeah right, who would want to date these girls? They’re rude and obnoxious, I think guys would rather throw them out the window” you think to yourself. You can hear Seth chuckling a bit and you realize that he read your thoughts. “Seth…” you raise your eyebrow at him. “Sorry” he apologizes for reading your mind.
  21. “So are we going now?” Carol asks. “Yeah, Carol that’s another problem we have no idea where N.E.O.N is” Warren points out. “Well ________ had a dream about it didn’t she? What did it look like?” Carol asks you. “Uh, well it looked a lot like a giant prison. Like a disguise for people passing by, but that’s all” you explain. “I have an idea, we can reverse track them” Noah says. “With the cubes we can see where the source signal comes from. Tracking devices always have a source to send co-ordinates to” he explains. “Oh great, I was wondering what this was” Evelyn digs around in her purse and pulls out a N.E.O.N cube. You all widen your eyes, “how long have you had that?” Warren asks. “Since yesterday, why?” she asks confused. “THEY COULD BE FOLLOWING US RIGHT NOW!!! ARE YOU NUTS???” Carol freaks out. Suddenly Evelyn dropped the cube like it would kill her at any moment. “OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD!!!” she yells rapidly. “I’ll get it” Warren picks up the cube “is there a tool box around here?” he asks. “Yes, it’s over in the storage room” Ashlyn says while running in her four inch heels (well if you want to call it running). “Here” she hands him the tool box and he sets off to work. “Hurry!” Carol urges him. “Hey, let me handle this okay. Just keep calm guys” Warren says while tinkering with the tiny cube.
  22. After a few minutes the projection map showed up on the ceiling from the cube. “Ah ha, nowhere to hide now you N.E.O.N scum” Carol says triumphantly. “Home base” Warren instructs to the voice command. The map zooms into the same uncharted region near Washington. “Well it’s a dead end; all we know is that it’s near Washington. Which we kind of knew in the first place” you say disappointedly. “There’s a tiny problem with their view obscurity… we can find out where its surroundings are” Warren says smiling. “Surrounding area” he voice commands to the tiny cube. The map blurs even more and none of you can make out the map anymore. “Aw man, they anticipated that didn’t they?” Devin asks Warren. “Yup” Warren promptly drops the cube on the ground. “So now what?” Devin asks, “simple, we’ll just have to go to Washington” Ashlyn says as if it’s no big deal. “WHAT???” you all exclaim. “Oh right, I forgot you’re all poor, well in that case we’ll pay for it” Ashlyn announces. “Private jet, the only way to travel” Evelyn says proudly. “Okay then… when should we leave?” you ask them. “Right now, I don’t like to keep my prey waiting” Ashlyn says fluffing her hair as if it’s the softest thing in the world. “That’s right, otherwise it just gets boring and then the bills come up after our dad realizes what we’re doing” Evelyn blabs, Ashlyn covers Evelyn’s mouth and laughs really loudly. “OH MAN Evelyn is such a kidder, am I right?” she says. “Uh huh… sure” Carol says smiling and crossing her arms. You smirk at them and Evelyn finally gets Ashlyn’s hand off of her mouth. “Right, what I meant to say, was that our dad won’t care at all if we spend millions of dollars on a private jet. He’ll barely even notice” Evelyn says with her most sugar coated sweet voice she can muster (which for her is like hearing an infant crying loudly at the supermarket). “Okay powder puffs, we won’t rat on you… but we’d better have first class” Carol says fluffing her hair the same way Ashlyn did. “Of course, and we’ll also throw in the papaya frenzy smoothies” Evelyn says. “Why?” you ask. “It’s the best drink in the world, duh!” Ashlyn mocks you. The twins laugh and then head upstairs to pack. “Meet us later this evening. We’ll have the jet ready so come with your luggage” Ashlyn instructs you all while heading up the grand staircase. “Don’t pack heavy okay, and if you encounter those N.E.O.N freaks on your way back tell us the details… ya know if you survive” Evelyn chimes in. They both laugh and head upstairs, presumably saying things about you and Carol.
  23. “Well that was a waste of time” you say. “Oh come on, we got the gadgets and now we’re off to fight N.E.O.N” Devin says cheerfully. “Yeah, but I’m worried about what might happen… confronting N.E.O.N and all” you confess, you remember what the light said but you shake the memory out of your head. “Aw don’t worry, if anyone tries to get you I’ll get my Pokémon out and trap them in a tiny red and white ball” Devin jokes. “Oh yeah, that’ll teach them” you laugh as you head into the car.
  24. You sit in the car and you listen to all of your friends talking. You look at Warren driving smoothly this time, trying to get Devin to shut up. Devin’s doing funny impressions of Ashlyn and Evelyn, Carol is laughing hysterically at Devin. Seth is sitting down quietly, smiling at all of Devin’s impressions. Noah is writing something down in his notepad, probably drawing a sketch of a new invention. You all look at them with a bittersweet smile on your face. “I hope the light is wrong… I don’t want any of them to die” you think to yourself. “WHAT THE BLOODY HELL!!!!” you hear Seth’s voice loudly yell in shock. Warren stops the car in surprise and you realize that Seth was reading your mind again. Everyone is looking at him like he’s crazy but he stares at you with the same pained look on his face the night he admitted he almost killed you. “Seth what’s going on?” Warren asks. “Are you feeling okay?” Carol puts her hand on his forehead to check his temperature. Seth doesn’t rip his gaze from you; his chocolate brown eyes are melting away into dead wooden eyes. “Tell me it’s not true… please tell me it’s not true” he begs softly to you. You want to tell him it’s all a lie, you want to tell him you don’t know, but your voice doesn’t make a sound. You feel a lump in your throat and your tears do the talking for you. Seth unbuckles his seatbelt and hugs you tightly. Everyone else is confused but they all hug you as well telling you it’s going to be okay, and everything’s fine. You block these reassurances out of your head, because none of them are true. The only voice you do hear is Seth’s, saying to you telepathically “I won’t tell them… unless you want me to” you hug him tighter. “No don’t tell them…” you say in your thoughts “… I have to, but not now” you feel the love from all of them surrounding you and you cry harder knowing it won’t last. “_______, no matter what I’ll always be there for you” you hear Seth’s voice in your head again. Everyone starts sitting back to their seats and you nod at Seth when you meet his eyes. “Is something wrong ______?” Devin asks you. “I’m not telling you guys until we get back to Fuchsia’s” you state. Everyone except Seth share confused and concerned looks at one another, but Warren continues driving, and you continue holding Seth’s hand tightly.
  25. That's the end of part 15... I'm sorry it's been a long time but I'm glad I finally got this out. From now on it's going to get tough and serious. Hope you enjoyed and today's question is: Do you have any suspicions about the twin's dad? Post in the comments and have a great day :D

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