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Things have gotten pretty ugly since the mansion exploded. But at least Warren's comforting words helped you get through another terrible night. Now where are you guys headed? How about the big apple?

Just to recap what they look like Warren: Blonde hair, blue eyes. Devin: Red hair, Green eyes. Seth: Black hair, brown eyes. Noah: Brown hair, hazel eyes. Also, I'm sorry this is posted later than usual. To make up for it, part 9 will be posted on Saturday and part 10 will be posted on Sunday. I hate being late so I hope you guys enjoy PART 8

Created by: Missy Prissy Cat

  1. Getting everyone up was harder than it was last time, but you had a long journey ahead of you and you didn't want to stay at the smelly trailer park any longer. You go over to Carol sleeping like a rock in the car and you shake her. "Come on Carol wake up!" you say to her. "No, don't take my bacon" Carol mumbles. You grab your pillow and hit her over the head with it; she slowly opens her eyes and gives you a look. "Come on, we've got a lot of travelling ahead of us" you say. Carol groans, "Can't I have five more minutes?" she whines. "No, come on you lazy butt" you tease. "Ugh FINE" she throws her hands above her head and gets out of the car squinting away the morning sun. "Where are we going anyways?" she grumbles hugging her Perry the Platypus plushie. "Warren says we're going to have to hide out in the city. Whatever army that was, it can't destroy the city without disrupting the police." You say. "Smart, so what city are we going to?" she asks. "We don't know yet" you say. "Can we go to New York? I've always wanted to go to Broadway!" she says with a sudden rush of adrenaline. She clears her throat and starts singing "Start spreading the news, I'm leaving today! I want to be a part of it, New York, New York! These vagabond shoes, are longing to stray. Right through the very heart of it, New York, New York! I want to wake up in a city that doesn't sleep. And find I'm Queen of the hill, TOP OF THE HEEEEAP! These little town blues, are melting away. I'll make a brand new start of it, In old New York! If I CAN MAKE IT THERE, I CAN MAKE IT ANYWHERE. It's up to you, New York, NEW YOOOOORRRRKK" Carol sings so loudly people start looking at her like she's insane. You're clapping for her though as she bows gracefully. "Brava, brava. You're going to have to ask Warren about that." You say. "I heard her, we can go if you want" you hear Warren's voice and turn around and see all the other guys are awake. "YES I'm going to New York! With my best friend in the whole world, THIS IS GONNA BE TOTALLY AWESOME!!!" Carol cheers and jumps around excitedly. You eventually calm her down and everyone gets their things in order to leave.
  2. You get into the car with Warren and Devin and Carol while Seth and Noah get into the separate car. The whole way, Carol talks about what shops you should go to and what shows she wants to see. "I mean Chicago is one of my FAVOURITE musicals, it's so awesome. HE HAD IT COMING! HE HAD IT COMING he only had himself to blaaaaaame. If you had been there, if you had seen it, I BETCHA YOU WOULD'VE DONE THE SAAAAAME" she sings loudly. "I'm starting to wonder if you want to become an actress Carol" Warren says. "Well, I love musicals so I don't know. Maybe, maybe not. I'm more or less planning on becoming a super spy" she jokes. "I'll be your partner then" you say poking her. "YES! Evil doers beware, Carol and ______ are coming to kick your butt!" she says in her announcer voice. "Remind me to never get on your bad side" Devin jokes. "Please Devin, like you'd ever get on out bad sides" you say waving the possibility away. "I beg to differ! I'M A DINOSAUR RAWR" he growls and you and Carol laugh hysterically. "Never do that again" Warren says flatly. "Oh, you scared Warren?" Devin teases. "No, I just want to be able to have my ears working by the end of this car ride" he says giving Devin a sour look. "That's true, how else would I get to hear Nyan cat? Oh by the way-" "DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT TURNING THAT SONG ON" Warren snaps. You and Carol try to hold in your laughter. "Fine I'll sing it then NA NA NA NA NA NA NA" Devin sings in the highest pitched voice and you and Carol are dying of laughter. He sounds like Elmo on helium shots singing while gurgling toothpaste. Warren puts on headphones and doesn't say a word the rest of the car ride.
  3. After Devin stops singing you and Carol talk about your favourite movies and sing your favourite songs together with Devin trying to guess which songs they are. You don't even realize that you've been in the car for over three hours until Warren has to stop for gas. "Oh great, it's the old ones where you have to get a ticket. I'll be back in a second" Warren says getting out of the car. "Oh my gosh, look at the time!" you say "I AM" Devin says staring at you grinning like a creeper. You stick your tongue out but you can't help smiling at his joke. "Hey I'm going to go to the bathroom" Carol says smiling mischievously. You know that look; she's trying to set you up with Devin. Before you can say anything she leaves, you're alone with Devin. "Heeey, it's just us" Devin says. "Yes, yes it is" you say. "Hey, do you mind if I sit beside you?" Devin asks. "Be my guest" you say patting the seat. Devin sits next to you and almost immediately puts his arm around you, "I've always had visions of being in a car with you, although it wasn't at a gas station with Carol and Warren a few feet away from us." He says. You lay your head against his chest, "I'm so tired. Do you know how much more we have to drive?" you ask him. "I think we have a long drive ahead of us, but seeing as I'm going to be with you I'm not going to complain" he says. You laugh and see his amazing green eyes. "Sometimes I wonder Devin..." you trail off before you can finish. "What do you wonder about?" Devin asks, curiosity sparking in his eyes. "I wonder if I'd survive this without you" you say hearing his soft heartbeat. "Aw shucks, you're making me blush" he jokes. You laugh and kiss him on the cheek. "There's your reward" you say. "For being so good looking?" he asks. "Well, there's that. But for cheering me up these past few days." You say. "Okay, and you also get a reward" he kisses you on the lips. It's quick, and you feel the urge to kiss him again. You blink in surprise and you can't seem to say anything. It's like he took your ability to form words away from you for a moment in your life. "That's for being beautiful, and this..." he kisses you for a little longer, you feel like you're floating away from your troubles. He whispers into your ear "that's for being _______" hearing that, your heart beats faster than a speeding bullet. You can't find the right words to say what you're going through, your mind is cluttered with thoughts and you can't get your brain to work. Although you see Carol coming back and you point out the window. Devin gets out of Carol's seat and sits back at the front again.
  4. Carol comes in the car and sits at her seat without saying a word. Then Warren opens the door of the car but doesn't get in "everyone get out" he says. "Why?" you ask. "Come on, I have to show you" he says heading for the back of the car. You all get out of the car and it takes you awhile, but you finally see that there's a metallic cube on the bumper that's the size of a pebble. "What is it?" Devin asks. "A tracking device. I took a robotics course on this design. It clings to any metal object and stays on it permanently. This is only used by the most high tech facilities though. So whoever's following us has intelligence on the world's most efficient technological equipment and also has access to a squadron of soldiers with military level combat training." Warren explains. You start to remember the dream you had and you remember being strapped to a chair in a laboratory. "You think they would have a laboratory too?" you ask hiding your nervous breakdown from the memory. "Probably, you don't just buy high tech tracking devices at a flea market. Obviously they had to replicate the design from previous inventors. Maybe I can track down their signal and find their location." Warren muses. Devin waves a hand in front of Warren "Hello, earth to Warren. We still have a tracking device strapped to our car. You just said we can't take it off anyways, so how are we going to travel to New York without the crazy soldiers finding out we're going to New York?" Devin asks. Warren freezes in mid thought for a moment, but then he starts grinning. "Well, you're the one with the super strength. Maybe YOU can take it off Devin" Warren says. "Alright" Devin shrugs and grabs the cube. He starts pulling with all of his might but he can't get it to budge. "Warren it's not coming off" "Stop whining Devin you can do it" Warren says. All of a sudden, Devin tugs really hard on the tiny cube and the whole bumper comes off of the car and it sends Devin flying backwards into a patch of grass. He gets up holding the bumper with the cube attached like it a trophy. "I got it!" he says, you and Carol cheer as Devin gives Warren the bumper.
  5. "So now what?" Carol asks. "I think I can track the homing signal, maybe we can find out just who's responsible for nearly killing us and destroying the mansion. It's not like that place was cheap either" Warren grumbles as he grabs a screwdriver and starts to take it apart. "I don't know if that's a good idea. What if they come while you're looking for the homing signal? Or what if they find out we're tampering with their equipment and shut it off before we can find out?" you ask. "If they were here, we'd know. Besides if they do come, we have a car full of gas and a Devin full of rage" Warren says. "Hey, I'm not the rage monster!" Devin protests. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't you a dinosaur earlier?" Warren asks raising an eyebrow at Devin. "He's got you there Devin" Carol points out. "Hey, wait a second I think I see a holographic tracking projection system built in the cube" Warren interrupts. Warren pushes something in the cube and suddenly a holographic map is projected in the sky with a map of the world. It looked like a futuristic version of Google maps. "Jackpot" Warren says to himself. The rest of you look up in awe, it was like something out of James Cameron's Avatar. You tug at Warren's shirt to get his attention back to reality, "Do you know how to find them?" you ask. "Of course, and this actually makes it easier. All I have to do is voice command the homing signal." Warren clears his throat and leans his head towards the cube "Home base" he orders the cube. Instantly the map zooms into its location, it shows a blinking green dot in the middle of an uncharted region. "Where's that?" you ask pointing at the dot. "Looks like it's located near Washington. But why is it uncharted?" Warren thinks out loud. "Maybe to cover it up, there are lots of secrets the government hides. Maybe this is just another one of those freaky agencies they have going on." Devin says. "The question is... why are they interested in ME?" you ask. "Who knows, maybe they want to kill you or experiment with you. There are lots of reasons why a person would be interested in your powers. Neither of those reasons matter though, it's always going to be the same outcome for you. Misery." Warren looks into your eyes and all of a sudden the crushing pain of guilt is resurfaced. You try to supress it but it keeps coming back up.
  6. "We should go tell Seth and Noah." Devin says interrupting your thoughts. "I don't think so. We should go to Washington and get these bozos" Warren says closing off the holographic projection. "What good would that do? They have an army and tanks, all we have is... well us" Carol says crossing her arms. "She's got a point, if we go get Seth and Noah maybe they can help us" you say to Warren. "I don't know if they'd be much help" Warren mutters, but you still heard it. "What are you talking about? Seth has water powers AND telepathy, and Noah is-" "Stupid and dangerous" Warren interrupts. "No he's NOT!!! He helped us escape the mansion and he even helped you when you asked him. Why do you hate him Warren he's done NOTHING to you! Is it because he's normal? Is it because he's different? At least he says what on his mind instead of keeping everything a secret. Why can't you accept him for who he is instead of hurting him because he's different from you! Just tell me why you hate him Warren, WHY DO YOU HATE HIM?" you start shake from your sudden burst of anger but you see the hurt look in Warren's eyes and suddenly your nerves freeze. "It's complicated..." his eyes are locked on the ground. "I've got enough time" you say to him crossing your arms. "Hey, chill out _____. Just leave him alone" Carol says to you with concern. You sigh and uncross your arms, "I'm sorry Carol I just don't understand him sometimes" you walk over to the curb and sit down looking at the horizon. You hear someone coming and sit beside you and see that it's Devin. "Don't get so wrapped up with him, he can be pretty... scary" Devin says wrapping his strong arms around you. You feel tears fall down your cheeks and wipe them away. "I'm not wrapped up in him. I'm just so confused. I know he cares about me, but... I just can't understand him. I'm trying, I really am but nothing seems to make sense." You say to Devin. Devin strokes your back again and you feel a warm shiver run along your spine. "I remember when I first met Warren" Devin says. You blink in surprise at his response but you keep listening. "He shoved me into a wall; I guess he didn't trust me at first. I didn't like him because of that, but he's not so bad once you get to know him. He's just... kind of sensitive" Devin says. You chuckle a bit "Warren? Sensitive?" you ask. "Well, sometimes..." Devin says chuckling with you. "Don't fret over him, you'll get used to him. If I can, then you can." He says playing with your hair. You feel at ease with Devin, and you even smile a little. "So you want to go back?" he asks. "I'd rather stay here with you. At least you don't keep secrets from me" you say. You hug him and hear his soft heartbeat again. Suddenly you hear Carol screaming.
  7. You look over and see the cube opening another hologram, only this time it was saying "Target acquired" in red and flashing a dot that was moving fast. "Oh my god they know where Seth and Noah are!!!" Carol freaks out. "We have to go save them" you say getting up and heading for the car. Warren gets in without a word and buckles his seatbelt. Devin throws the bumper with the cube on it FAR away using his super strength and gets in. "Where are they?" you ask Warren. "They're not too far from New York. The bad news is we're not close to them at all." Warren says. "What's the good news?" Carol asks. Warren looks at her and smiles "I'm the one who's driving" suddenly the car dashes forward and you feel like you have to hold on for dear life as Warren drives the car super-fast.
  8. After a few minutes of Warren's crazy driving, you see Seth's car in the distance. "OVER THERE!!!" you yell and point at the car as Warren makes a U-turn and speeds over to them. You can see that they're being chased by two vans with machine guns strapped to their hoods. Noah has some sort of weird contraption that looks like a mix between a gun and a catapult that's somehow deflecting the bullets back at the vans. Seth is driving away from the traffic so they don't get stuck and Warren rams his car into one of the vans. The other van beside him aims his machine gun directly at you but before the guy can even pull the trigger Devin reaches his hand out and flames start engulfing the van. The men inside jump out for their lives and land on the road where cars suddenly screech and try to stop before they run over them.
  9. The other van is still being pushed by Warren's car and Warren makes a quick turn which sends the van spiralling out of control. A massive wave of water sends the van away and turns it over on the other side of the road. You look to see Seth slowly put his hands down and concentrate. You hear his voice say "Are you alright ______?" "Yes" you reply in your head. You all get out of your cars and see the damage the vans made. The one van is burning away on the side of the road with the men once inside being hauled away to jail, with the other men slowly getting out and being questioned by them.
  10. Suddenly a police officer comes over to Seth "Excuse me, but some people say you're in possession of a water gun and flame thrower and shot it at those guys over there. I'm going to have to do a search on both cars." Just then a bunch of police officers were inspecting the cars but of course they found nothing. "I'm sorry officer; they were clearly smoking something because there was no flame thrower or water gun involved in this. In fact they were racing, and they broke off my bumper in the process." Warren lied calmly. "May I see your licence?" the officer asked. "Of course" Warren opened up his wallet and took it out, you spotted a photo of him with another kid sitting on the grass smiling holding up cans of soda together. They looked like they were having a good time. Warren closed his wallet before you could have a really good look at it and waved goodbye to the officer. "Well, luckily we didn't get caught for our powers. But we're going to have to leave before the cameras get here. Less people know that we're involved in this the better" as you were heading towards the car you spotted one of the jackets the soldiers had on lying on the ground slightly burned from the fire. You picked it up and examined it closely. "N.E.O.N" you whispered to yourself looking at the acronym.
  11. You all get in your cars and you grin mischievously "Look what I got" you say in a sing songy voice. "Is it food? Because I'm starving" Devin asks. "Better, the jacket of one of the crazy soldiers" you say holding it up proudly. Warren whistles, "how did you get that?" he asks impressed. "I found it on the ground, and look what it says!" you point at the strange N.E.O.N label on the front. "Okay so it's like TOTALLY a weird secret government thing. I have no idea what N.E.O.N stands for... it could be anything!" Carol says looking at the jacket intently. "Well that's going to have to wait, we have to hurry up before traffic hits New York." Warren says. "Isn't New York always busy?" Devin asks. "Yeah, it IS the city that never sleeps you know" Carol protests. "Well either way we have to get there and I'd prefer to find a place to sleep before it gets dark." Warren says irritated. The car ride was really long, but you kept inspecting the jacket with Carol while Devin was continually bugging Warren non-stop. You found out that the jacket belonged to some guy named "˜Leon Berk' and he's labelled soldier number 0917. You and Carol wrote these things down using her handy dandy Phineas and Ferb notepad and also any details about the jacket. Before long you both filled two whole pages on the jacket and possible meanings for N.E.O.N, including No Eating Onions at Nighttime, Nose-picking Eaters On Nintendos, and a bunch of other crazy ones. After a while you felt tired, but you didn't want to sleep. You looked out the window and saw tall buildings everywhere, with lights burning brighter than the stars in the night sky. Wait a second, IT'S NIGHT TIME??? You didn't even notice, but apparently Carol and Devin did because they were fast asleep. Times passes before you realize it's only you and Warren awake in the car.
  12. You don't want to talk to him about what happened earlier but you don't want to sit for who knows HOW long in complete awkward silence. "H-hey Warren?" you start. "I know what you're going to say" Warren says. You blink in surprise but you continue anyways "What do you think I'm going to say?" you ask. "You're going to say; Warren, why don't you like Noah? He's done nothing wrong so why Warren? Well the answer is I don't know okay! Besides, it's not like it's any of your business. Maybe me and Noah don't get along, the world isn't all sugar and rainbows sometimes okay. I just... I can't..." he grips the wheel tighter and you feel tension building. "Hey Warren, I was actually going to say sorry" you say. "W-w-what?" Warren stammers in shock. "I'm sorry, it shouldn't be my business whatever happened between you and Noah. You guys have to clear things up between each other though, talk it out and work with your differences. He said that before you know, that maybe it's just personality differences. Anyways I don't want to talk about this anymore can we just drop it and move on?" you ask. Warren breathes with relief and calmly nods. "Good" you say. "So did you and Carol find anything out about that jacket?" Warren asks. "Well we know a few things, but we can't figure out where this place is and we only know the acronym for it. If we type in N.E.O.N in Google it'll probably give us the periodic table or something because neon is a chemical element." You explain. "Well, we'll figure that stuff out later. In the meantime, help me look for a cheap motel" Warren says.
  13. You both look around for a while when finally you see one. "Hey what about that one?" you ask. "Sure, it's getting late. I'm going to call Seth and tell him where we are" Warren parks the car at the parking lot and gets his cell phone out. You hear the ringing tone and then someone pick up. "Hey Seth, we're at this motel place near bridge way street. Can you get here?" Warren speaks into the phone. "Yeah we're right behind you. How many people fell asleep?" Seth asks. "Devin and Carol" Warren replies. "Oh... so _____'s awake... and she can probably hear me right now talking to you..." Seth says nervously. "Hi Seth" you say into the phone. "Hi, um how was the drive..." you can imagine Seth blushing as he's asking you. "Good, except for the guys who tried to kill us... again" you respond. "Oh right yeah... they were crazy weren't they?" Seth responds. "Okay are you two just about done, you're making me sick" Warren grabs the phone away from you and continues to give Seth directions.
  14. You look out the window and take in the cheap motel, painted orange with neon lighting saying "Monty's Motel" you cringe at the place, but at least you'll have a place to sleep tonight. Sleep... you suddenly start to panic. What if there's another scary dream again? Another horrifying nightmare with death at every turn? Then you try to relax, try to get your mind off of the possible terrors that could happen. You place your hand over your key... wait a second... Your eyes widen in horror and you feel the searing heat of panic crawl along your back. You look down, and the neon lights from outside illuminate the worst horror that you could possibly imagine. The Caramel Scented Key... is gone.
  15. So that's part 8, and now for the comment question. What do you think N.E.O.N stands for? and Where do you think the key is? post in the comments and Have a great day :D

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