Can you predict the future?

So do you think you have the ability to see the future? Do you have prophetic dreams that come true, and are they really futuristic? Take this quiz to find out.

Remember to tell the truth so you get accurate results, lying is not going to help at all!! Good luck on this quiz and remember to comment and rate!!!

Created by: psychic ;)

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  1. Do you have realistic dreams that portray your future?
  2. Do you have "good" or "bad" feelings about things?
  3. Are you good at logic problems?
  4. Do you tend to think about possibilities of things that may happen. ( Like who knows one we might go to prom together,etc.)
  5. How often do things surprise you?
  6. Can you tell when people are looking at you?
  7. Pick what I am thinking of
  8. Pick what I am going to do tommorrow
  9. Did you like this quiz?
  10. Rate and comment?

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Quiz topic: Can I predict the future?