What kind of job will you end up with?

Have you ever wondered what job you have the potential to end up with until you retire? Maybe even... a brain surgeon? Remember, the possibilities are endless, and here are just a few.

Remember this - your result will probably not be the job you end up with in the future, I'm just trying to predict, not tell. Good luck on this quiz, and hopefully you'll get a nice, high-paying result.

Created by: FartMechanic

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  1. First of all how would you describe your elementary/primary school habits?
  2. What about middle school? (If you don't have middle school where you live just click skip)
  3. Finally, what about high school? (If you aren't in high school yet click skip)
  4. Does school suck?
  5. What's 16/20 written as a decimal?
  6. How long do you think it took you to figure out the previous question?
  7. Do you plan on going to College?
  8. If you plan on going to College, you probably are going to University sometime too. Is this true?
  9. On a scale of 1 to 5, how religious are you?
  10. If you're religious at all, what religion do you follow?
  11. Do you think you would enjoy work?
  12. Do (or did) your parents have a high paying job?
  13. When do you plan on retirement?
  14. Do you want to be successful and have a good job?
  15. Would you risk your life to save someone you care about? (Yes, this is related to jobs)
  16. Pick a card.
  17. 2 more questions before you get your result. Did you enjoy this quiz?
  18. Final - well - question, I guess... your result is not certain, it's just what I think the right job is for you. It's your choice what job to pick later on. I'm not telling you your future job, I'm predicting it. Enjoy your result.

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Quiz topic: What kind of job will I end up with?