Future Job!!!!!

What do you wanna be when your older..... you can be anything but i didn't feel like typing every single job so i just chose the basics but have fun!!

Most of the jobs i chose you make a lot of money but 2 and i hope u get what u want or close to it :) oh and i wanna be brain surgeon i know u don't care but i need 150 words sooo yea.

Created by: faith

  1. Do you like people?
  2. Do you panic easily?
  3. Is this quiz boring or nah
  4. would u want to work for a long time and but not a lot of days or work for short hours and more days?
  5. do you like uniform?
  6. do you have a life?
  7. do you know what you wanna be when you grow up??
  8. are u in college
  9. Do you like life
  10. Last Question, Would you ever do drugs

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