Remember the future part 3 The Caramel Scented Key

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You wake up again in your massive bedroom. You're really curious about the mystery guy who was with you last night. Will you find out who he is? Well it's part 3 so there's only one way to find out!

Comments Question: Which guy would you like to find out more about? Tell me and whichever guy you pick, I'll shed a bit more light on in the next part. Oh and thank you so much to all my fans, I really love making these and it makes me so happy that people like them. Thank you all so much

Created by: Missy Prissy Cat

  1. You wake up, only to be greeted by the same chandelier hanging on the bedroom ceiling. You sit up and stretch to wake up. You look down and see you're wearing what you wore yesterday. You remember the guy who told you how you're like the moon. Graceful, mysterious, powerful, a beacon of hope, beautiful... who was he? Determined to find out you get out of bed and don't even bother to change. You open the door and run downstairs. You open the front door and squint away the bright sunlight. Blinking a few times, you don't see anyone. Suddenly you hear footsteps...
  2. You panic and hide behind a bush in the garden. Peaking through the branches, you see a guy with black hair holding a guitar. "Seth" you whisper to yourself. Then he starts playing the same melody you heard him play yesterday. You want to squeal in delight but you know if you do that he'll stop playing. You listen to the peaceful melody being strummed by his guitar, when suddenly something extrordinary happens. Your ears can't believe what you're hearing, your heart beats faster, you hold back your tears, every inch of you wants to celebrate this glorious moment. He's singing! His voice is pure and you can't think of a better singer as he's singing. Then it just gets better, because you listen to the lyrics. "There she is, looking right at me. Can she tell that I'm faaalling? Why can't she see what I see? She kills my misery My heart is mending fast but why can't I get past Her beautiful staaare? I was done for at the start There's a hole in my heart I fear it's neverending Why do I keep pretending? and why can't I just tell her Why can't I just tell her? Why can't I just teeell her... To remember. How I missed her I don't know Why am I so shy to show How I really feel about her? I think I'm going under I'm stupid to even speak I'm think I too weak But I can't give up noooooow I was done for at the start There's a hole in my heart I fear it's neverending Why do I keep pretending? and why can't I just tell her Why can't I just tell her? Why can't I just teeell her... To remember. I know who to despise my nightmares taunt her cries I know exactly what I have to doo So when the time comes through I'll finally say I love you Ooooh I love you I was done for at the start There's a hole in my heart I fear it's neverending Why do I keep pretending? and why can't I just tell her Why can't I just tell her? Why can't I just teeell her... To remember. To remember. To remember... _______ and me" Seth finishes singing and you cover your mouth in shock. It was the most beautiful song you'd ever heard in your life, and it was about you. Seth grabs his guitar and heads back inside muttering something about the sun. You wait a few minutes and then get up from your sacred cover up bush. You look around to make sure no one is looking and you climb through the kitchen window. You're glad the mansion has big windows but your whole body freezes because you sense someone behind you.
  3. You turn around and see who it is. He's the same height as you, has hazel eyes, and dark brown hair. He looks innocent, like he wouldn't harm anyone. He smiles at you. "I'm glad you're not sick anymore. I was kind of worried last night. You must be hungry, you puked up a storm. Warren's still cleaning it up. He's always cleaning things, I think it calms him down. Everyone has to have something they do to calm themselves. I like to try and recall a happy moment. Do you have a happy moment _______?" he says this as you stand there stunned beyond belief. It was the mystery guy, you recognized his voice and now he was talking to you calmly like he's known you for years. You feel as if the room is spinning, you can't believe he's right in front of you. He stands there waiting paitently as you're trying to compose yourself. "You're the guy who helped me last night" you didn't say it as a question, but for some reason he answered anyways. "Yes, I'm sorry if I scared you, but I thought you'd prefer to pass out away from your vomit rather than on top of it" he says apologetically. You can't help but smile a bit. "Thank you" you say sincerely. He nods, "your welcome" he turns back to get the cereal box and milk while you stand there thinking...
  4. You lean against the counter and watch him pour his milk in the bowl FIRST and then dump cereal on the milk. It splashes everywhere of course. As if on cue Warren comes in and glares at the milk all over the counter top. Mystery guy goes over to the cupboard but Warren stops him without saying a word. Warren goes to the cupboard and wipes away the milk with a paper towel. "Noah why do you always have to make a mess. I feel like I'm your mother sometimes" Warren crosses his arms. "I WAS going to clean it up" he protests. Warren rolls his eyes, "just stop spilling milk everywhere, okay?" Warren says. Before you could say "no point in crying over spilled milk" Warren walks out of the room. "So, you're name is Noah?" you ask him. He nods, "Yes, I know your name. You're _______, I remember you" he says casually. "Why'd you spill milk everywhere?" you ask trying to keep a straight face. "Like I said, Warren likes cleaning things. He even stopped me just to clean up some spilled milk" Noah says. You think about it and realize he's right. "Hey, how do you know that?" you ask curiously. "When someone hates you they give away too much information about themselves, whether they want to or not" Noah explains. "Wait, time out... Warren HATES you?" you ask surprised. "Yes, he and I don't agree with a lot of things. Personality differences clash with one's opinion on people. I think Warren is a strong person, inside and out, but he's been through too much pain to let anyone through his walls. The only person who's been able to get through to him is you" he says. You blink in surprise at the wisdom he just said to you. "Me?" you ask in disbelief. "Trust me, he's crazy about you. He just values practicality over emotions. It's just the way he's been raised" Noah explains while eating his cereal. You shake your head in amazement. "Noah, how are you so smart?" you ask. This time it's his turn to be stunned. He blushes a bit but regains his composture. "I've never been called smart before... I've been called a weirdo, a freak, and an idiot... but never smart" he says looking you in the eyes. You find yourself mesmerized in his mixed up eyes. Brown with a pool of green swirled with his excitment and optimism. You have the urge to touch his hair and you do. He lets you without saying a word. You smile and look at the ground, "you're like no other guy I've ever met" you say feeling the blood run to your cheeks. Noah smiles, "you're like no other girl I've ever met" he says. You look into his eyes again, and you feel like you could stare at them forever.
  5. Just then Devin barges in and sits between you and Noah. "Hey Noah, how's it going?" Devin says cooly. Noah doesn't look angry with Devin, he actually nods calmly. "I'm good, I was just talking to _______" he says. Devin looks at you and gives you a smile that could melt chocolate. "Hey ______, did you get a good nights sleep? Ya know with Noah carrying you up the stairs like superman?" Devin asks jokingly. Your eyes widen and you look at Noah. "Is that true?" you ask. Noah nods casually, "You weren't too hard to lift, you have a great physique." he says while eating his cereal.
  6. Devin gets up from his chair and grabs some eggs. He grabs a pan and places his hand underneath. "Do you like your eggs sunny side up?" he asks you. You nod, "sure" you say. You watch his hands ignite with fire and cook the eggs before your very eyes. When he's done he grabs a spatula and serves them to you. "Anyone order eggs?" he asks as you take the plate happily. Noah gets up and puts his bowl and spoon in the dishwasher. "I'm going to the book store." was all he said before heading out the door. You wave goodbye and turn back to Devin. "So what exactly did you want?" you ask him. He raises his hands in surrender, "I don't know what you're talking about" he says as innocently as he can. You smirk "please Devin, when a guy gives you breakfast he wants something... girl rule number 49" you explain. "How many rules do you have?" he asks in amazement. "Infinity and beyond" you joke. He sighs "great, now I have homework" he jokes. You giggle and he tickles you. You're hollering with laughter. "Stop it Devin, stop, seriously ha ha I can't breathe" you continue laughing. "Ha, now that my teacher is dead I'll have no school! I'm a genius!" he says triumphantly. You tickle him while he's talking and now he's the one begging you to stop. You two fall down on the ground and you go into full fledged tickle fight mode "Seriously I didn't mean it ha ha ha, stop I give in I'll do my homework I'll be good I swear" he says. You're sitting on him grinning like crazy. "Okay, but you'll have to do double the homework" you say smiling. "WHAT???" he yells in shock. "That's what happens when you try to kill the saviour of the world" you put your hands on your hips. "Aw man, why do I always go for the tough ones?" he asks himself. You laugh and he pounces on top of you. "Ah no stop get of me" you struggle but he has you pinned to the ground. "Ha, now who's the king of the castle" he jokes. You laugh and try to get up. "Oh look it's Warren" you say. "Where?" Devin panics, but it was a trick and you pounce on him. "I can't believe you fell for the oldest trick in the book" you say. "Dam, she's smart too. I have my work cut out for me" he jokes. You giggle and then hear footsteps coming down. You immediatley get up from the ground. "Hey a little help?" Devin says reaching his arms out. You stick your tongue out, "You have legs you know, use them" you say. "Pwetty please" he gives you puppy dog eyes. You roll your eyes and grab his arm and pull him up. "Lazy" you poke him. "Hey, easy on the merchandise" he says. You laugh, and then sit back down. You see it's Seth coming down the stairs. "Is everything alright?" he asks. Instantly, you want to tell him that you love his song about you and that he has the most amazing voice in the world. But you don't want to come off as a creep. "Oh it's fine, _____ here was just explaining the sacred girl rules" Devin says wrapping his arm around you. Seth nods shyly "okay, just as long as everything is alright" he says quietly and walks up the stairs slowly. You want to run after him but you know better. Instead you make up an excuse. "Hey, I'm going to go get changed okay Devin" you say. He nods "sure, so when are you going to put on that bikini?" he asks. "Only in your dreams" you call back from the stairs.
  7. You follow Seth upstairs and stop him before he goes into his room. "Hey Seth" you say as casually as possible. You were nervous he'd be mad at you. "Hey..." he looked at the ground. "So hows that song coming along?" you ask hoping he'd at least mention it. "What song?" he asks nervously. "You know the one you played yesterday?" you ask. "Oh yeah... it's not done yet" he says blushing like mad. You bite your lip trying to think of a way to put it "well, when you're done... just let me know okay" you say. You walk slowly away, trying to give him time to say something. "Wait!" he finally says, "do you want to grab a coffee later?" he blurts out. You turn to look at him, he's not staring at the ground he's looking right at you. You smile "I'd love to" you say and walk inside your room. You hear him cheer from outside of your door and smile. "I have to find out more about Seth" you say to yourself.
  8. You walk in your room and then suddenly you stop in your tracks. A strong scent fills the room. You can't put your finger on what it is but you follow it. You find it's coming from your dresser. You open the first drawer and see a necklace with an old fashioned key on it. You also see a folded up note right beside it. Curious, you take the key necklace and sniff it. It was definitely the key... it smells like... Caramel!!! You're positive it's caramel. You pick up the note wondering if it had a clue about what it was all about. It said: "Dear ______, this belongs to you now. When the time comes you'll know what to do." you look to see if it had a name but there isn't any. You continue sniffing the key (which looks very peculiar to the neighbours down the street) and decide to wear it around your neck. It's yours now after all, but you can't help but wonder who gave it to you. You dress out of your clothes from yesterday and decide to wear something a bit girlier since you're going on an official date with Seth (girl rule number 3: all dates are official, whether the boy knows it or not)
  9. You open the door and see Warren just about to knock on it. "Uh, hey _____..." he says nervously. You look at him and wonder why he's acting weird. "Yes Warren?" you ask. "I thought you might want to know some things" he says. "Like what?" you ask suspiciously. "Like your powers" he says looking at the ground. "What?" you ask nervously. He looks up at you morbidly "The energy flowing into your body is intense. Think of every molecule in your body as a net. When you use your powers your molecules catch the energy emitting from the universe." he shakes his head solemnly. "My point is, if you take in too much energy..." he looks you in the eyes. You feel the guilt pulse through your veins with every second that passes. His stare is immense and you feel like everything else doesn't matter. His breathing slows down and he finally says the words that he was trying so hard to say to you. "If you can't control your powers... they might kill you"
  10. So that's the end of part 3. Part 4 is where things get even more complicated so look out for that one. But first, tell me who you're favourite guy is!!!

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