Love and Kidnappers

Welcome to my quiz. I hope you enjoy mysteries because this one is confusing. This will all make sense after I get to part two. So for now, sit back and enjoy!

Characters: Alex~ caramel hair, bright blue eyes. Stefan~ a prankster, brown hair and eyes. Owen~ Black hair and eyes, mysterious. Enjoy!

Created by: Lalaland

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  1. Kay. You and your three best friends(explained in second Paragraph) are going camping. You are about to settle in for the night when Alex asks you if you want to take a walk. You accept. Trying not to wake the others you two go outside of the tent. The floorboard creaks though, and as you walk of into the distance Owen sees you and follows. He accidentally wakes Stefan up and he follows Owen.
  2. You guys are walking along the river. "So what did you want to talk about? "You ask. "I wanted to show you something" You follow him down the shore. He makes you close your eyes. He let's go of your hand. He is gone for a few minutes. Suddenly someone pushes you from behind. You fall into the river. When you surface you see Alex staring at you holding a basket of seashells while Stefan is laughing his head off.
  3. You come out of the water dripping wet. Angrily you push Stefan in. You walk back over to Alex. "Now where were we?" you ask. He hands you the basket of seashells and runs off to the tent. You glance in his direction wondering what is wrong. You have no time to look at the seashells because two stiff hands cover your eyes and mouth.
  4. You scream loudly. "Every time you scream thE boy gets beaten more," a voice says. You wonder who the boy is.
  5. You are blindfolded and you hands are bound. They didn't bother to put duct tape on your mouth based on the previous threat. You try to memorize every turn but give up. You feel very sleepy and drift off.
  6. You awake in a cabin. It is raining outside so the tiretracks must be erased. Your captors walk in. "The princess is awake!" one of them exclaims. He is tall and muscular. The other one is short and fat. He is not as scary. The tall one rips off the duct tape they must have put on while you were sleeping. "Why am I here?" you demand. "Sweetie, it's not you we want. It's your friends. They never told you they had special powers? Well they obviously don't like you very much. " says the fat one. You try to ignore him. He's brainwashing you. Well trying.
  7. "So honey wanna know what there powers are. Alex can set anyone in a trance and confuse them. Own can blend into the dark and become invisible. And Stefan has telepathy powers." he says. The two men leave the room.
  8. As soon as they are gone you try to run away. They already took care of the blindfold and duct tape. You see a nail and manage to saw through the rope on your wrists. As soon as you are free you get up and decide to attempt the window. After ten minutes you can pry it open. You run outside.
  9. You have been running for hours. As soon as you reach the tent you enter right into Owens arms. "Where were you?" he asks. All of them give you hugs. You sit down on the bed and start to tell them when...
  10. Cliffhanger! Part two out ASAP

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