Love Song ~Part 1

Here we are at the start of my journey, how I married someone without knowing it. I gave myself in to a demon. He has my life in his hands, and only my lovely Knight can save me.

Meet Ray, a weird girl. See how she sold her soul in way that was unplanned, the first part might be a bit confusing but it'll have you coming back for more.

Created by: KatLee
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  1. The continuous thrum of a pencil against desk behind me made me so pissed. It took so much of me not to turn around and tell Stephanie Callahan to piss off. I tried to concentrate on the paper before me. Yes, I knew the answers to the pop-quiz like the back off my hand but there was this feeling inside of me that kept gnawing at me, driving my focus away from the paper-other than Stephanie's pencil.
  2. The bell rang, making me jump. "Okay, pencils down, give them in." Mr. Malachite said, already taking in the quizzes. There were six questions left so I circled them randomly and handed my paper in. I strolled out of the classroom. "Rayleigh!" I heard someone call. I spun around and there was Bryce jogging fluidly towards me.
  3. Bryce Tennant was my best friend since kindergarten. He was the typical blonde haired god with honey-blonde hair and sexy turbulent grey, catlike eyes. He had an angular face which looked as if it was carved by angels. it was as if though he was from a fairy-tale, like Snowhite, Cinderella, Beauty and The Beast, always the prince of course. But I could only dream because Bryce was...well, taken.
  4. Other than the fact that he was taken, my long, wavy red hair and almost emerald green eyes, small, cherry lips and deathly pale skin would look like crap against his looks. We don't match as a couple,never have. I'm just his goofball of a best friend who he messes around with. But currently I don't feel anything special for the sexy Irish boy. "Let's go have lunch together, Vicky is hanging out with Kimmy today." Kimmy was a gorgeous dark-haired godess who had stolen my best friend's heart for so many years. It had always been like that__Kimberly and Bryce.
  5. "Uh, yeah cool," I said in my husky voice. "I'll meet you there, I need to go to the loo quickly." Bryce nodded. "Cool, the usual table." He instructed and left. Since it was lunchtime, the hallways were flooded with mundane mortals. I quickly waved through them. But to my luck a Mundie crashed into me. It had me colliding face first into its chest.The first thing that I realized was that it reeked like musk and aloe and another very familiar smell that I had to deal with almost everyday. I took a quick step back and found myself gazing into cool coral blue eyes, a sharp, handsome face framed by wavy dark tresses."I'm so sorry." The unfamiliar boy said with an amazingly inhuman smile. I gave him a bored, trademark expression. "Whatever," I snapped. "Now, move it or lose it!" But the boy didn't move, only slightly. "I'm Aaron."
  6. I laughed, "Oops, I didn't ask you." I snapped and expected him to move out of my way but he stayed his ground."Well, I'm just telling you for future reference."He said calmly, "Come have lunch with me." "Thanks, but no thanks." I said and turned on my heel to walk away but he pulled me by the arm, luring me back to him . His gorgeous eyes met mine, the glint in them like silver, yes, his eyes were like liquid silver, melting into my searing-white emerald green eyes."I'm sorry then, it was nice meeting you." He said softly and walked away with long, flawless strides, leaving me perplexed and still.
  7. I made my way to the cafeteria and grabbed ab tray of mac and cheese, apple juice, pizza, an apple, a slice of lemon meringue, a chicken mayo sandwich and a chocolate pudding, (Yes, I have a huge appetite, bite me!) I spotted the bleached blond hair in the crowded cafeteria almost immediately. The scent of Bryce's musk, aloe and spearmint deodorant wafted in the humid air. I felt my stomach churn in pleasure. But then suddenly, the heavenly scent mingled with the scent of honey, jasmine and peaches, the scent of death!I sneered as I watched Kimberly Van Strut kiss Bryce on the cheek then force his face to be in line with hers and kissed him a long, traumatizing kiss, crushing my heart with a wrecking ball.
  8. After they had the long "Smooch-session", I took a deep breath and went over to them, placing my tray on the unstable table. I know you kinda expected Kimmy to say, "Are you going to eat all that?" But no, it doesn't work that way due to two reasons. One: Kimmy isn't mean, she's sweet, welcoming, smart yet ditsy, philosophical, dreamy and very girly. Every man's dream, right? Ya betcha!The second and most surprising reason is due to the fact that Kimmy eats as much as I do, maybe even more on a good day, but not because we're pigs or greedy guts or anything, but mainly because of the fact that our kind is unsatisfied by even the largest amount of food, the only kind of food that fills us up is sacred, unsought of, ever! normal human food only fills up one tenth of a ghost's stomach.
  9. Kimmy greeted me with a hug. "Hey, love." She said in a fairy-like, pixie voice. "Hello." I said and sat down. As I was about to bite into my chicken mayo sandwich, I heard footsteps and froze, an undetectable chill running through my immortal body. I looked up, turbulent grey eyes met mine. Aaron stared down at me, his eyes alluring, I was hypnotised. "Come here." He said. I found myself standing up against my will. I followed him as if though he was dragging me along without touching me, what was happening, what was this mortal being doing to me? Before I could think I was in the janitors closet. It was dark and filled with a horrible stench. He pulled me closer and kissed me... "Marry me?" He said. "Yes" A voice said. I said.
  10. Cliffhanger!!!

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