Do You Know Austin Mahone?

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I know that a lot of people love, i mean absolutely love, Austin Mahone. Take the quiz to find out if you are a true Mahomie. Then, when your done,look at your score and take part two of this quiz when i make it.

Obviously since you are about to take this quiz, you love Austin right? Well i'm a true Mahomie. What's your favorite song by him? My favorite song is:Say Something and Eleven Eleven!

Created by: Bribri 1

  1. When was he born?
  2. What year was he born in?
  3. What is his mother's name?
  4. What is his best friend's name?
  5. When did he have his first kiss?
  6. Favorite song?
  7. Is he a belieber?
  8. Favorite candy?
  9. What is his favorite color?
  10. Where does he live?
  11. Is he home schooled?
  12. Is he 5'8
  13. Eye color?
  14. Hat size?
  15. Is his favorite sports team the Spurs?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Austin Mahone?